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Israel faces potential deadlock in neck-and-neck second election
Associated Press
Published: 17.09.19, 00:04
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1. The religious parties will be the kingmakers
Boaz   (09.17.19)
As a non religious and keeping Kosher and tradition with the usual visits to Schul on Shabbats and festivals, we must make sure that the jewish state keeps its jewish character . Lieberman thinks he is a jew. Looks like more of a soviet infiltrator economic migrant.
2. Gantz will need to learn the art from the best in business,
TheWall   (09.17.19)
3. The "Russian" has done a big disservice to this country, but
still: he's ONE man, the fools voting for him are many...
I don't get this retarded voting pattern...
4. Gantz victory would be disaster for Israel
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.17.19)
Gantz's background is profound weakness in both war and peace. His Blue and White Party is a fake party of lying leftists, which was formed solely to attain power. B&W will soon self destruct if it loses the election. It stands for nothing.

Bibi has his flaws, but Israel is thriving under his leadership. We are incomparably better off than under destructive leftist rule. A Gantz victory would be a disaster for Israel. It would take us back to the Oslo Nightmare days.
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