Rivlin: I will do all I can to avoid third round of elections
Itamar Eichner
Published: 17.09.19, 12:55
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1. Time to overhaul (throwout) parliamentary systems.
Time for Change ,   Bulshitistan   (09.17.19)
This election is a clown show that never should have happened. Might be time to scrap this parliamentary representative system & opt for something that provides a modicum of stability. Maybe try a democratic republic i.e. US system because frankly, this sucks!
2. do your job this time, Rivlin
Queen Levine ,   Jerusalem   (09.18.19)
It's good you are able to admit you got played. But in this failure, you failed our country in a way that can't be fixed easily. History will tell tales of you and they will not be happy ones. Pedophiles and other previous criminal politicians' shady stories will be nothing compared to your legacy if you don't do better this time around.
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