Opinion  Sima Kadmon
Netanyahu's era is over, Israel is on a new path
Sima Kadmon
Published: 18.09.19, 23:28
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1. It's time for Ruby to take charge
It's time for Ruby to take charge.
He is the only person that is respected across the board.
He needs to declare himself PM and sit in the Knesset as a non-voting member.
Yes, I know he is 80. Yes, I know he recently lost his rock and comforter Nachamah.
However, he is the only one that is able to pull this off and save the country.
Light Worker   (09.19.19)

Benjamin Netanyahu is an Israeli-American politician... While Israelis may hold dual citizenship, a Basic Law passed in 1958 states that Knesset members cannot pledge allegiance as parliamentarians unless their foreign citizenship has been revoked under the laws of that country…
Israeli Citizenship:
An Israeli citizen who also has another citizenship is legally an Israeli citizen in every way (except he cannot serve as a member of the Knesset).
3. Too soon to mourn or celebrate his tenure
Al   (09.19.19)
One thing I do know is that no one comes close in terms of his political prowess.

Gantz and company are failed former generals with no accomplishments amongst them.

Poor generals poor administrators and poor diplomats.

Netanyahu with all his faults was Israel's greatest PM.

He brought great prosperity and relative peace to Israel over the past 10 years.

Those are facts.

He will be a hard act to follow.
4. Ain't over till it's over...
. ,   Haifa   (09.19.19)
They said the same thing about Trump. It's not finished yet, so don't count your chicks before they hatch...
5. Not an indictment of the Right, just an indictment of Bibi.
TDS ,   Epicenter   (09.19.19)
The Left, never credible in the eyes of many, lost all pretenses of being a sane movement with Oslo. THE LEFT OWNS OSLO and the death and misery that accompanied that agreement, hatched by Sexual Predator and Chief Bill Clinton and acceded to by Mr. Rabin, should inform Israelis of what may await them if the Leftists return to power.
6. Leftist propaganda
Michael ,   Raanana   (09.19.19)
Bibi Netanyahu is the Likud.
Gantz will serve under Netanyahu or Gantz, a nobody will go home empty handed.
7. I can only imagine Sima's joy at writing this obituary, but
I don't think ANYONE is ready for the fake Blue/White!?
Liberman must be put out to (political) pasture and never be heard from again.
rafael benneton ,   tel aviv   (09.19.19)
You end"Gantz has a massive mission to undertake, let's hope he can rise to the challenge". What chance do you truthfully believe there is of that?He embarked on business upon leaving the military IT ENDED IN BANKRUPTCY.He is assisted by Lapid who is still to FINISH SCHOOL His other ally is Lieberman who is the most police investigated politician in israel history and previous experience is working as ASSISTANT DOORMAN IN A MOLDOVIAN YOUTH CLUB.Very hard to imagine them leading a 3rd world country let alone Israel
9. Why we need a term limit
pgr   (09.19.19)
Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So goes that well known phrase.

That is what has happened to Binyamin Netanyahu. He's mad with it know, already attempting to hijack the country's electoral process by declaring that only he will lead or .... wait for this .... go back again to elections.

He's now offering whatever it will take to keep himself at the top because that's where the narcissist believes he belongs, no matter what.

But Sima is right. There will be nothing that a third round would do to change the first and second rounds of an election that he shouldn't hae brought forward in the first place. He should have stepped down and faced what he's been asking for, as he's corrupted himself with hedonism. He's surrounded himself with sycophantic bully boys, none of whom have an iota of politicali talent between them. What he faces is an investigative hearing for not one, but three charges; charges that shame not only himself, but the country. Not for this was the Zionist dream born.

Sooner or later, a sleepy, somewhat apathetic people, begin to realize that their hero isn't cutting it anymore, is finite, and has had enough. He's had enough because he's truly losing the plot. Fresh blood is needed to inject new life into a stalemate.

The attempt to call your fellow Zionist, military-elite opponents "dangerous leftists" can only work for so long. The first strong opposition in two decades has laid out its plans and is available online for all to see and bears no signs of it being a "dangerous left" plot; it's about the future for ensuing generations -- something that Mr Netanyahu has never thought about, because he long ago stopped thinking about what he's elected for, which is to look after the citizens, not just himself. He's thought only about his own glory, and about how he can build a fortune - which he never spends simply because he believes it's his born right to be swaddled and spoilt by the people, even for his dog's food.

There was a time he was a strong man, a capable speaker, a magician who could conjure up solutions he thought no-one else could. But that time is done. The people just aren't buying it anymore. They now see the magic disintegrating. Age, if nothing else, has worn him down. The state pension age has arrived, and he needs to take it.

Two terms is all that most leaders - that is, democratic ones - have to see through their commitments - most of which aren't only security but are day-to-day needs like education, health, infrastructure. What isn't done in 10, 11, 13 years will never be done, and the reins must be given to someone else to try and achieve them.

What applies in every other enterprise -- which is replacing CEOs who've run out of steam - must apply now. A Mugabe here will not do.
10. If Netanyahu stays on as PM, Sima will eat her words.
Jake   (09.18.19)
11. Sima, are you sure? I am not sure.
C   (09.19.19)
maybe you are right, just a little bit.
12. "Netanyahu era is over".
tiki ,   belgium   (09.19.19)
I'm happy Sima Kadmon writes this.

Over the years I have been reading many of her analyses & prophecies from which nearly none has come into fruition.

It ain't over till the fat lady sings, so Sima better hold her enthusiasm in check.

13. learn some math
snap   (09.19.19)
If you want to write an opinion piece you can be as subjective as you want. But don't insult the YNET readers by changing observable facts.

"...one can safely say that the latest elections were a heavy blow ... for the whole of the Likud and the entire right-wing."

Really? Do the math.

Gantz and Lapid are, at most, center (yes, not the so-called center-left) and Lieberman is fully right. So, technically the only real heavy blow is to the non-existent left.

Unfortunately, the parties will not coalesce along true ideological lines. This entire 'performance' is mostly about personalities and out-sized egos.

Otherwise, we'd see the right command a real-world majority that is technically a landslide in another democratic framework.
14. More "Opinions" by unqualified arm chair critics ...
Yossi ,   TA   (09.19.19)
15. Time to Retire Bibi
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (09.19.19)
But you go down in the history books as Israel's longest serving Prime Minister - you did good and you did a whole lot of bad - now it's time to retire.
16. Sima is way too over-confident
Shachar ,   Eilat   (09.19.19)
Bibi has come back from the dead before and he isn't going to roll over and die. The current situation is complicated and Bibi is probably going to drag everyone to a third election to keep himself on the throne. Many things can happen in 3 months and he will be backing himself to turn it around given time. There is still a long road to go down till we are free of the personality cult that has gripped Israel.
17. Israel
Mr Security ,   city   (09.19.19)
Bibi has got to go there are too many cases. The atmosphere here is that it pays to be corrupt only friers don't cheat and evade taxes. Politicians are pressed to immunize Bibi to be in govt. He claims to be Mr security but let Gaza fire rockets for a decade...oh yeh, Obama ties his hands...
He is a clown.
18. Note: Sima is STILL unhappy.
Jake   (09.19.19)
She says:
"The problem is that, even now, we're dependent on people who haven't shown a sliver of leadership skills, and it's hard to imagine any of them showing any today."

Looks like she's preparing the ground for more editorials against the Israeli government, this time to include B&W.
Sima won't be happy until Israel has a Shulamit Aloni, a Yael Dayan, or an Uri Avnery as PM.
19. re military personnel in private citizen politics
Yardena   (09.19.19)
Retired Army personnel make very poor politicians
a very good example is joker Ehud Barak
20. Bibi is Me & only Myself=Third Round of Elections marvelous
miki ,   jerusalem   (09.19.19)
21. Simas peace is a "opinion" and
Tomer ,   Jerusalem   (09.19.19)
As such one has to read it. There are basics she got right.
1) bibi era is over
2)agreed too,benny gantz is an untested poltical leader. (But so was angela merkel and
The rose to the occasion big time)
3) netanyahu showed his real face with
His preelection promises.pure fear and madness.netanyahu left israels with a multi billuon budget deficit and that will be very
Painful for all of us. In addition the security
Situation improved,nor our education and health care systems were rescued,corruption run rampart to mention only a few issues.
4) lieberman ,not unexpected ,became the
Key to unlock israels future.

So, avigdor,try your best, likud wake up and free yourself from your selfproclaimed "messiah" ,who is on record to form a government without "anti-zionist parties.
According to my understanding these are:
1) arab israeli parties
2) the orthodox parties.
How he will pull this off is bibis secret.
The courts are waiting for him.
Mr.prime minister, think of israel and not only
About yourself. Step aside,deal with your
Legal issues( and in case you will be found not guilty, return to your party.)
22. Yep, let's leave this prosperity& security and embark on a
"new path".
Because Netanyahu-phobiomats say it's a swell idea!
23. Lets wait and See
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (09.19.19)
Let's wait and see if a new era in Israeli politics has began. There is a lot of false media reporting. It saddens me Israelis are their own worst enemies. The danger is within.
24. wishful thinking confused as reality.
Thisis premature and anti- democratic.
Elections will tell if Netanyahu is finished.Gantz already is and Liberman has made too many enemies.
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