Netanyahu to Gantz: Let's form a unity government
Published: 19.09.19, 10:55
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1. A unity government is a paralyzed government
Eli ,   TA   (09.19.19)
It won't work.
2. Well played. Gantz is in a bind now, sooner or later Bibi
shall have his own government, no doubt about that.
The very thought of zilches from Blue/White running our country is too much to contemplate...
3. unbelievable
Hani ,   Or Akiva   (09.19.19)
so we had no functioning government for almost a year now, and Bibi wants to continue with this status because he cannot give up? What is more important, his ego or the functioning of the state?
4. Bibi is lying and plays games with
Tomer ,   Jerusalem   (09.19.19)
He said he would form a government without
"Anti zionist" parties.
Anti zionist are the arab israeli party
AND the orthodox parties.
Did i forgot that ? Or is he making
Them conviently to "zionist parties"
Mr.PM you are lying and misguiding
The voters.
5. No 2 the Crime Minister!
6. ANY government without datim is fine for me
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (09.19.19)
7. Yes to unity goverment
Oliver ,   Eilat   (09.19.19)
Yes to a unity goverment but not with Bibi at the helm of the likud.
8. Unity, only WITHOUT Netanyahu. Know when your time is up...
doda ,   Givatayim   (09.19.19)
9. Dear Friends and brethren fall behind Bibi and Gantz
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (09.19.19)
I am criticising no one, please put away all your anger and differences, support the leadership. There is no one better on the horizon, for the survival of Israel Unite. There is a proverb divided we fall, united we stand. Shalom Shabbat ...Amen.....Amen....Amen.
10. All you Netanyahu-phobiomats: IN YOUR DREAMS!
11. "Let's spend the night together, now I need you more than
ever..." except that Bibi doesn't need Bennitschke for anything!
12. oath of office
tomer ,   jerusalem   (09.19.19)
when Benjamin netanyahu was sworn in to office of prime minister
he had to swear :
I, pledge myself as Prime Minister to bear allegiance to the State of Israel and to its laws, to carry out faithfully my functions as Prime Minister and to comply with the decisions of the Knesset.

Did he ?
13. Unity Govt TOV
David ,   LA   (09.20.19)
Pubic in Israel on same page
Work out the differences

David Dorfman
Paralegal USA
14. 10 yrs of Netanyahu & Iran is sitting on 3 of our borders!
Who is responsible for that? Prime Minister Netanyahu allowed Iran to sit in Lebanon, Syria and Gaza! AND for Gaza the Prime Minister is generous enough to all "protection money" into Gaza!

10 years of Netanyahu & the Israeli Postal Service which he privatized is so broken down that none of us rely on it anymore!

10 years of Netanyahu & "the old lady in the hospital corridor" has been joined by so many people that our formerly well functioning medical care system is completely broken down!

10 years of Netanyahu & the gas which belonged to the nation's citizens was sold to his friends!

10 years of Netanyahu & Egypt now has the same submarines that we do!

10 years of Netanyahu and what wasn't broken, broke and because of his need for cigars, champagne, exquisite food, a new MANSION for the Prime Minister and a new airplane for the Prime Minister...the rest of the nation has no money for social needs of the nation.

10 years of Netanyahu and the Foreign Ministry of the State of Israel has been completely destroyed.

10 years of Netanyahu and he's busy playing USA party politics and playing the POTUS with Netanyahu Machiavellian maneuvers.

10 years of Netanyahu and he's busy planning a war with HAMAS in Gaza in order to save his political skin.

10 years of Netanyahu and the State of Israel has become a poor, threadbare, neurotic and shell-shocked image of its former self.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH This Netanyahu is not serving the State, he is serving himself and his friends!
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