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Israel's election highlights secular - religious divide
Associated Press
Published: 20.09.19, 14:27
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1. Religion is the Fifth Column which must be separated for the
Michael ,   California, USA   (09.20.19)
survival of Israel. Israel must remain secular and democratic.
2. an inter-Jewish implosion is inevitable sooner or later
kms ,   Jerusalem   (09.20.19)
3. Kfar Saba is not the right place to go to write about the
YA   (09.20.19)
Lieberman phenomenon.
4. Edit: Israel's MEDIA highlights secular-religious divide
Jake   (09.20.19)
5. Kfar Saba?
Tom ,   London   (09.20.19)
I suggest that Mr Rosner checks the results of the previous election. He will note that voting pattern in regards to Kfar Saba is practically the same. Blue and white also received then 46% of the vote nearly double the amount of Likud.
6. Making articles like this, Ynet is contributing to a divide!
Riva Schertzman ,   Betar Ilit   (09.20.19)
If the Press doesn't stop making it look like all Chareidi people are bad and taking over, then people will continue blindly hated all Charedim! Fact is, there are many nice loving people who are Chareidi and many different kinds of them just as there are many Jews who consider themselves non religious butt yet, keep some Jewish traditions and mitzvos. Israel is a JEWISH COUNTRY! FROM THE TORAH! and therefore, it's not unusual that we should try to keep it that way even if we don't appreciate what that means nor want to follow everything. The Press should encourage mutual respect and love for our fellow Jew. more important than any election result. May Hashem bless us and all Israel for a good, sweet and peaceful year with true UNITY of Am Yisroel!
7. Without Judaism Israel will disappear & Arabs want it
NoJudaismNoIsrael ,   Jerusalem   (09.20.19)
The Chief Rabbi Of Great Britain the revered Rabbi Joseph Herz in the 1930’s observed the fledgling Jewish State in then British Mandated Palestine and didn’t like what he saw developing under secular leadership “ many empires came and went there
All disappeared and were reclaimed by the desert sands Israel did not because it had something the others didn’t have the Torah if the Jewish state forgets the Torah it too will be reclaimed by the desert sands like all the others were .israel owes its existence to its faithfulness to its Torah “ Rabbi Joseph Herz Chief Rabbi Of Britain
8. Judaism is the core of "Israeliness", true. Problem with
religion is, that it's absolute in its stance towards life & existence.
There is and cannot be a "dialogue' with "received" wisdom from the Creator.
If you don't buy into that nonsense, then it's YOUR problem, brother, since there will be no room for doubt (Question) Jews in a Halakhic state.
9. Likud & Right criminally neglected a balanced media
TheBrainwashedPublic ,   Jerusalem   (09.21.19)
And now they are paying the terrible price of a voter public brainwashed to dismiss safe borders and their Jewish Soul their identity..shame shame in the fake Jewish Nationalist Likud..allowing its own supporters to be demonized for 40 years producing the ignorantly Post Zionist Jewish public that dangerously thinks its living in Switzerland and whose major cultural is that of the worst aspects of Western culture New York Hollywood London Berlin whose hearts are in the West and not in the East is any wonder our Middle Eastern neighbors see us as a foreign entity
The Likud band Netanyahu brought all this on themselves
10. It’s all about the Draft and attacking soldiers
Jake ,   Dallas   (09.21.19)
Had the Haredi lived with the draft bill and refrained from attacking soldiers, people could have swallowed the rest. Those broke the camel’s back. Amazing that Likud can’t see it.
11. We are a Jewish state,but...
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (09.21.19)
"We are a Jewish state, but not a religious state" This was written in the article. Jewish is from Judaism. Is there a difference or not? Am I wrong or not? I try to understand the situation in Israel as good as possible,although Iam not a Jew. I know about a Jewish and democratic state Israel. Are we well informed about Israel? Who is/are informed well about Israel (to understand for example the Israëli election process in a/the right way)?
12. israel is one of the most anti semitic countries in the worl
zionist forever   (09.22.19)
There is no tollerance amongst Israeli secular society for orthodox Jews, they are shunned by secular society and in the past I have even witnessed seculars verbally abbusing orthodox Jews.
If we were outsde Israel and the seculrs were not Jewish themselves then this would be considered anti semitism and it would be all over the front pages of the media but because its Israel rather thaan being seen as anti sematism its seem as acceotable because the victims are just the haredi who the seculars love to hate.

Outside Isrel politicians like Lapid & Liberman would be barred from running in electios and even investigated by the police for anti sematism based on the populist anti hared hate campaigns they have run in the past but becuae its Israel and secualrs love to hate the haredi they are actually considered to be saying it as it is and so the kind of people we want to have running the country.

Time Israeli seculars and haredi learned to get on a litte better because this enemy has enough enemies outside no need to fight each otherf as well.
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