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Starving monkeys and abused lions: Gaza zoo reopens just months after closure
Published: 22.09.19, 14:45
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1. Cruelty to animals is a sickness.
Appalling to see these pics and to read this story. Do not fund them. Do not support them financially. They do not deserve any money as it appears that it will not be used to make conditions better for the animals, rather it will be used to line their pockets.
2. give them the money and be done with it
zionist forever   (09.22.19)
Give them the $50,000 they want for the animals on the condition that Gaza does not open anymore zoos.
It might be blackmail but the big American animal charities can afford it and as its privately owned the owners of the zoo who are basically earning $25 a day would be glad to close the doors, get rid of the animals they cannot afford to feed.
3. Disgusting how these animals are treated,u should be ashamed
It is disgusting, ,   Perth   (09.23.19)
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