Joint List: Gantz sought less support to push Rivlin to tap PM
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 26.09.19, 09:21
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1. This sounds like an amateurish lie.
Jake   (09.26.19)
Balad was always the "oddball" in the Joint List, and from the start showed misgivings about endorsing Gantz. The Joint List had initially reported that its decision was binding on all members, and that it would be recommending to Rivlin 13 votes in favor of Gantz, after which Balad balked, and Ahmad Tibi announced only 10 out 13 were endorsing Gantz.
Odeh is trying to justify after the fact his failure to enforce party unity by cooking a half-baked story claiming, unbelievably, that this is what Gantz had wanted all along. Yeah, right.
2. 2 funny! Time is not in Netanyahu's favor!
3. Newsflash: Blue and White has denied Oudeh's claim
Jake   (09.26.19)
Blue and White MK Ofer Shelah stated that there was no request from his party to Joint List to limit the support that Gantz would receive from the Arab MKs.
Oudeh is clearly trying to manipulate the Israeli political system with lies, intrigues, and deceptions, very much a-la-Arafat during the Oslo process.

Blue and White should beware being manipulated by a party which, though having no intention to join a coalition, wants to take advantage of B&W in order to effect its own anti-Zionist agenda.
4. Netanyahu turns Joint List in2 key player in gov. formation
5. With the Left and Arabs running Israel...
Shlomi the Elder ,   Telavivastan   (09.26.19)
They say, "Hey Diaspora Jews, you're safer here."


6. BW is not to be trusted..they will destroy Israel
Al   (09.26.19)
Vile crazed leftists with a decidedly anti Jewish agenda.

The average Israeli who voted for these bums will never vote for them again.

Netanyahu may have his faults..a crazy wife..a fruitcake kid..but he loves Jews and Israel.

The same cannot be said about Lapid Gantz.

They come across as being vile.

Israelis in their supposed disgust towards Netanyahu have opted for a trojan horse who will wreck their lives.

7. Thoughts of a Muslim Israeli
Proud Israeli   (09.26.19)
I am hoping for a unity government between Blue and white and Likud. Even though this seems unlikely, it is the best solution. The Arab parties don't represent myself and many I know don't like them. I voted Blue and white and others in my family voted Likud. Israel is the best country to live in in the middle east, so why on earth would we want a government ruled by the Arab Party? Keep Israel secular and democratic.
8. Fake B&W party has already taught us crucial lessons
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.26.19)
B&W is a fake party invented by two power crazed men solely to attain power. The election was barely over before it began to sacrifice Israel's welfare to ally with the Israel hating Joint List. B&W has already taught us some crucial lessons. The lessons:

1. Israel's left is fully prepared to join hostile Arabs and harm Israel for the sake of power.

2. Israel has got to get Israel hating Arab parties OUT of the Knesset. They are like having Fatah and Hamas in the Knesset.
9. The Gantz's mastery
Leyb Beilin ,   Swansea, NWS   (09.26.19)
It is very probable that he has wanted to be the second not only to be publicly demonstrated that Netanyahu is unable to form a government, but also to be the last and best remembered by Israeli voters, perhaps because to fulfil his winning strategy he needs to send a strong message before the third and last electoral call.

I'm convinced that Ganz doesn't want a unity government at all. A pact with the right would prevent him from changing Israel's route to the left, and to achieve it he only needs the 3 seats of Balad, which he has now rejected, and only 4 more seats. Where does he plan to get them? Simple: taking them off to the right after exerting a lot of pressure, but not on their parliamentarians, but on their voters to change their ballot to B&W.

How to get them? Very easy: relentlessly repeating what Gantz and Lapid already anticipate every time they talk, that they also want a unity government, but that, unfortunately, such a wonderful achievement is not possible because the right block is led by an alleged criminal who doesn't want resign so as not to be charged. That is, the culprit of Israel's current mess is Netanyahu.

Gantz is much smarter than Netanyahu believed, and is driving the right like the children in a kindergarten.
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