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In Transnistria, a Jewish community dies
Cnaan Liphshiz/ JTA
Published: 04.10.19, 18:56
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1. Cursed Europe is a Jewish graveyard without headstones
Al   (10.04.19)
There is no future there for Jews

Get out of there..Israel is our only future.

I for one only support Israeli products and institutions.

Jewish life outside of Israel is temporary at best.
2. tens of thousands were deported and slaughtered here
A Jewish Graveyard ,   Jerusalem   (10.04.19)
In World War 2 a forgotten massacre site by most
KEN DOD ,   SAFED CYNIC HOUSE   (10.05.19)
I once went to the Russian Embassy ,knocked on the door and asked : " is Len in ?? "
Mr .DYSLEXIC ,   SAFED DYSLEXIA   (10.05.19)
Transnistria is not easy to spell nor easy to say ,espcialy after drinking a few Jaegerbombs ( Jaegermeister and Red bull ) .
5. Russians promised so much to the locals...
So, where is it? Where is the Putin’s paradise? Just like everywhere else, Russians care only about having control over the territory, not about the people, who actually live there.
6. Another Switzerland?
Raoul ,   Herzliya   (10.05.19)
The remark by one there that Transnistria could be another Switzerland illustrates how deluded people living there must be.
7. No visas required
anon   (10.08.19)
You don't need a visa to go there.The information here is incorrect.
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