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As attack drones multiply, Israeli firms develop defenses
Associated Press
Published: 30.09.19, 13:33
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1. All the best Drones have one thing in common :
They are " made in china ."
Israel has no defences against drones....
3. Idiots: instead of wasting time&money on "defenses": bomb
the guilty part into smithereens with very old fashioned, BIG bombs 7 missiles!
That would make the guilty part think hard next time.
But as seen recently with Iran's unprovoked attack, the responsible "adult" is a pathetic Orange Puff in the White House!
4. Drones.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (10.01.19)
It is to be hoped that Israel has a shield also against drones, against rockets and misiles and other flying objects, for example.
5. enough with defenses
bob   (10.01.19)
there is a mindset likely triggered by netanyahu and olmert before him to only do defensive actions. this fits into their conservative and fearful personalities. Not since Sharon have we seen offensive actions.

this does not mean that Israel should rush into ied kornet bunker environments. But it does mean that Israel should plan offensive actions that go around traps and conquers vital areas. It also has to use Russian style methods to bury

nasrollah has noticed Israeli reluctance to take offensive action and is planning an invasion of 25000 troops in the Galilee. bibi will lose the next war and sue for a ceasefire because his mindset is fear. he is afraid of this, he is afraid of that-enemies seize on it and become even more aggressive.

Israel needs new leadership.
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