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Electoral gains revive old dilemma for Israel's Arab citizens
Associated Press
Published: 30.09.19, 08:38
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1. As An Israeli Muslim, Arab Parties Don't Represent Me
Israeli Muslim   (09.30.19)
How do they represent me when they keep talking about Palestinians? The Palestinians have their own leaders of Fateh and Hamas talking for them. Why do Arab parties ignore Arab israelis and the issues that are important for them? First of all, I will never vote for Arab parties because they have traitors who criticise israel. Israel is our country and Jews are our people and brothers. Any attack on them is an attack on us. I am proud of what israel has accomplished in such a short time. We have health care, we have jobs, we have incredible scientific breakthroughs, and so many accomplishments.

Just because Palestinians in West Bank speak the same language as I do, this doesn't mean they represent me. My concern and my familys concern is what happens to us here in israel. Palestinians need to worry for themselves. If they want a better life them they need to really pursue peace. I am happy with my government in Israel and what they have done for us. And I am grateful for the life we have here in israel. So please don't speak on my behalf when you say Israeli Arabs are concerned about Palestinian issues because you don't represent me. This is the land of the Jewish people for thousands of years and they belong here too. These are the facts, and I'm not blind to the truth. I wish you Shana Tova to my Jewish brothers and sisters.
2. Arabs dilemma is simple: to fight Yahud or to accept Yahud.
3. BRAVO!!! Israel is ONLY 65% jews, 20% less than in 1980...
TheWall   (09.30.19)
It means that the "official" statistics is fake.
It is simply impossible to go from 3.5 million to 9 million in 39 years, or almost triple the jewish population. FAKE news to coverup the Emigration from Israel, which everybody know is happening for a long time.
From over 1 million immigration from former Soviet Union in 1990, at least 25% have left to US and Canada..etc.
The rest were tiny numbers from Argentina and France.
So, the real number of population in Israel should be 6 million at most.
NOW, as israeli Arabs gained the first serious representation in the israeli parliament, Israel is going to change dramatically, to actually TWO-Nation state.
4. I relish the opportunity to become more involved
ksm ,   Jerusalem   (09.30.19)
in Israeli society...if the mountain will not come to Muhammad, then Muhammad must go to the mountain.
5. Arabs seek equality not magnanimity or good will from Jews
kms ,   Jerusalem   (09.30.19)
6. Israeli Arabs for Gaza wars!
PermReader   (09.30.19)
This friends just promised support in a Gaza wars! At what side?
7. No loyalty, no power
desertstraw ,   california   (09.30.19)
Based on the polls there are Israeli Arabs who are loyal to Israel and deserve to be given equality in everything. The majority are not, based on the kind of people they vote for. No matter how many they elect they will be ignored. Israel is derelict in not distinguishing between the two groups.

All through history the Jewish people have gained and lost members. DNA studies show that we Ashkenazis are half European. Though the orthodox hate intermarrage in the U.S. this produces a large number of partial Jews who should be welcomed not repulsed. Orthodox rabbis who have created extreme obstacles to becoming Jews are ghetto products out of the mainstream of Jewish history. Many Israeli Arabs would become loyal Jews if the rabbis would let them. Jews are not a race contrary to the opinions of anti-Semites and rabbis.
8. Loyalty is important.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (10.01.19)
Loyalty to the state of Israel of all Israelis,more than 9 million,is very imporatant.
9. Columnist selecting comments according to his agenda
FakeComments ,   Jerusalem   (10.01.19)
So it’s Fake New
10. Palenstinians Remaining in 1948
Tova   (10.01.19)
are those who was rejected by Jordan, They stayed in Israel for the opportunities of employment and prosperity. The Palenstinians they were able to return to Jordan in 1948 along with many Arabs went to Israel for opportunities as well. Jordan had nothing to offer them. As for the Palenstinians
they are decendents of the Greek/Syrian Empire. They are not indegenious to the middle east. Therefore no Arab or muslin nations accept them. The only reason they support Gaza and West Bank for a Palenstinian homeland is to be a thorn for Israel. Gaza will never be independent or free, Hamas will turn Gaza into a military base against Israel. The people in Gaza will be forced to fight against Israel or perish. A 2 state solution should never happen. This idea would be Israel in a vulunerable position and rockets will continue to attack Israel daily. These rockets will hit Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.

Israel will be defendless as other terrorists will join Hamas. This is a curcial time for Israel. The Arabs who live in Israel will also be at threat for they not see their own lives are in danger.
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