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Some 130,000 Sephardic Jews apply for Spanish citizenship by deadline
Published: 01.10.19, 18:53
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1. an implicit recognition that their life here is transient
kms ,   Jerusalem   (10.01.19)
2. They invite the Jewd to fix the economical cricis
3. This opportunity was a big scam!nSpain made it very difficul
Alan ,   SA   (10.03.19)
to comply with the requirements. One had to speak Ladino and do a lot of other impossible things. Also one had to go to Spain in person. to get a notarized document. The Spanish were terrified that too many Jews would successfully comply. What a joke. They are the same anti jews as in the time of the inquisition. In general, Europe is always the same for Jews. They would love Israel to be euthanized.
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