Neither Likud nor Blue and White really wants unity
Yuval Karni
Published: 04.10.19, 23:10
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1. His Majesty Bibi is the problem
Avi L.   (10.05.19)
Blue and White don't want to seat with someone who is (allegedly) involved in criminal affairs
2. "The country is (NOT) exhausted ..........
Eliyahu   (10.05.19)
"The country is exhausted, bruised and hurting from two crazy rounds of elections."

So not true. We could care less for a number of reasons and most of us would like another day of paid vacation. Why wouldn't we like to receive some of our tax money back that these thieving politicians take and waste.

We actually see that nothing has changed with or without a government.
3. mr
boni ,   abj   (10.05.19)
I wished this never happened to Erez Yisrael,
A leader firmly in control of event shaping the flux unraveling
in the middle east currently.
Alas ,..will a hesitant Ganz be equal to the task? my mouth is in agape
or will Yair Lapid be able to step into this huge shoe of Israel's premier...
Time they said is the best judge ...but Israel cannot afford the faintest of error that may arise from the learning curve of choosing an inexperienced Prime Minister at a time like this.
Hear Oh Israel ...why not groom Gantz a bit more, like make him the foreign minister for the first two years of the unity government under Netanyahu leadership while he learns the ropes.
May the Holy One watch over Israel...Chaim am Yisrael.
4. both bibi and gantz unfit to lead israel
ray   (10.05.19)
Israel needs someone new to run the state. someone who has strength of conviction , who can take the initiative in peace and war and who does not run scared.

bibi reeks of fear. gantz already has shown he is no great military leader.

Bennett, barkat, danon would be far better.

5. LIBERMAN wants to repair ISRAELs mistakes with fanatism
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