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'Where's the Qatari money?' Hamas facing growing criticism in Gaza
Elior Levy
Published: 03.10.19, 19:19
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1. So,Gazans,what is gained by going to the border?
Sam ,   Montreal   (10.03.19)
You come back with amputated legs while Haniyeh and other leaders fill their pockets to buy their sons expensive suits. Do you not see that you are just being used?
2. Misery in the Gaza-Strip.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (10.03.19)
Anybody, except children, is responsible/guilty for it. It is one criminal and terrorist disaster. First for the people who are there now and for Israel. It also belongs to Israel. For example, hamas,islamic jihad and the "islam" countries and groups,more than 50 and also maybe other countries,keep the hatred and terror against Israel alive. It goes from bad to worse. To what and where does it lead to in the end?
3. Haniya's sons look better fed than the legless ones
Alan ,   SA   (10.04.19)
Obviously better clothed as well...Im sure they are all well educated in some EU university or in Cairo or the Gulf.
4. sick hypocrites
mike north ,   karmiel   (10.04.19)
where are all the bleeding hearts on USA campuses crying out for the welfare of the Palestinian people./so blinded by hate for Israel and in so doing forget about the people they are trying to help-their leaders grabbing all the donations and living the good life while they shatter young lives by sending them to protest and get maimed.
Wake up world and free the Palestinian youth from their leaders
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