Shabbat shalom? Being a tourist in Israel has its challenges
Gilad Carmeli
Published: 04.10.19, 08:52
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1. Don't stab your chopsticks into your rice in Japan
barozenswieg ,   Israel   (10.04.19)
Whats the point of traveling if things aren't exactly the same as where I came from?!?! This article is ridiculous. I'm sorry that some travelers feel unprepared, but for goodness sake, read an article on the internet, pick up a book, learn about other cultures. I saw someone in BG airport lose their mind because they could not get a cheeseburger from Burger Ranch. We love tourists, but please pick up a book and learn local customs first. Don't stab your chopsticks into the rice in Japan, don't wear shoes into a temple in India, don't bring drugs into the Philippines, and don't be surprised when you are slightly inconvenienced on Shabbat in Israel.

Shabbat shalom, to tourists and all
2. First world troubles
Boaz   (10.04.19)
I can’t buy a coffee on Christmas day. On Easter day neither.
Why is that everybody in the world have some respect for their religions, except us the jews?
3. Cry me a river
Joseph ,   USA   (10.04.19)
Poor little tourist also crying in Muslim counties. They are in shock they can't buy pig feet or bacon. Also certain Asian tourist are upset because they can't find rats, cockroaches and worms in every single food truck parked in cutouts across the USA and Europe.
4. Guess that means we need to get rid of Judaism
David ,   New york   (10.04.19)
It might be true that we stood by our laws and traditions for thousands of years
And maybe a few people were burnt at the stake (or sent to gas chambers) for it
But these are BLONDE Swedish tourists who are confused by the sabbath.
We must get rid of this embarrassment immediately!
5. It is hard to "enjoy family",
when you cannot take your kids out of town for hike or to the beach. Not everyone has a car and not everyone needs to pray all-day long to a God, who does not care about anyway.
6. Shabbat shalom?
hila ,   Jerusalem   (10.04.19)
Being a non-religious Jew in Israel has its challenges.
7. Tourists enjoy a unique cultural experience.Israel is unique
Jake   (10.04.19)
8. This article is filler.
Avi ,   CA/Mercaz   (10.04.19)
There can't be a tourist out there under the age of 45 who isn't booking rooms on Airbnbn, grabbing airfare on the web and translating with Google Translate.

The days of, "I didn't know they did that here" are long gone.

And Israel rocks. Expect more of them.
9. Special accommodations should be made for tourists
Dovid ,   New Yawk   (10.04.19)
Israel is severely over priced compared to Greek Islands and Antalya. Tourists who come to Israel can appreciate what a difference it is from adjacent Arab sates. This is better then any hasbara. Haredim probably do not want tourists at all so they have more room to pray in the plane during flight and move about the plane as they see fit. The day will come that all flights to Israel will be forced to serve yucky cold Glatt super duper kosher flood... Either that or something is wrong with my crystal ball bought in Shenzhen...
And you wil see what a challenge really means !
12. A comment from CANADA
Donald ,   New West--BC--Canada   (10.04.19)
I have visited Israel four times. Each time is better that the last. Food is ALWAYS available on Shabbos--you just have to look a bit. If you don't want to fly on Shabbos--book your flight on one of the other SIX days of the week. Is walking a bit in a wonderful country so bad? Many Doctors recommend a stroll to keep you fit like most the of Israelis--not like some of the tourists...he he
13. Jerusalem needs visible tourist police
WhereRtouristPolice? ,   Jerusalem   (10.05.19)
Ben Yehuda Street is filled to overflowing with mentally ill people terrorizing people and is very scary to families never mind tourists not to mention aggressive beggars
14. Do you order a well done beef-steak in New Delhi?!
15. citizen
steve gure   (10.05.19)
Becuse of the strong hold the heredim have on the cauntry, It is almost unlivable
16. Emetency care clinics open
Chana   (10.05.19)
All cities have Emergency Care clinics which are open on Shabbat. Since Istarl has a solcialized medical care system, it is irrelevent if the clinics are ckosed, because they do mot serve non-Israelis in any circumstance.
17. Thank G-d 4 shabbat
Denise   (10.06.19)
Tourist tour to learn and appreciate the weird n wonderful customs of different cultures. N we Jews certainly have ours nShabbat is.a sacred one
We all need a day to spend quality time with family n cement those relationships. Enjoy some Quiet n its a bloody eco friendly day. Give the cars n busses a break too. Breath! Our people need it. Trust me G-d knows whatbis best for us. Thank you for Shabbos I say.
18. recent visitor
kev ,   thurrock   (10.07.19)
i flew in on sep 29th,no public transport for three days,most businesses were closed.but the real shocker was how expensive everything is.ten pounds sterling for a glass of beer and ten pounds sterling for a bowl of French fries,a burger and fries thirty pounds sterling.its ridiculous.
19. The War on Shabbat is a War on Torah
Esser Agaroth ,   Greater Tel Aviv   (10.13.19)
Excuses, excuses. The War on Shabbat is a War on Torah
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