Paris police employee stabs four to death in force HQ before being shot dead
Published: 03.10.19, 21:20
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1. No evidence, ZERO evidence means it is just propganda BS.
Loh Sohm Zayn ,   NYC   (10.03.19)
2. Paris/France is a total mess. Terror attacks every month.
Get Off My Back ,   Not Paris   (10.03.19)
Hey Macron,

Get your own house in order before you go dictating to the rest of the planet how "it's supposed to be."

France maintains a unique place in global affairs as holding the grandest aspirations of power and influence while being able, in reality, of attaining neither.

Get lost, France.
3. Sudden Jihad
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.04.19)
4. Totally FAKE, it's called "Public Gaslighting"
Al T. Frier ,   NYC   (10.04.19)
5. US News just announced attacker converted to Islam...
Liberalism Kills ,   And France Sux   (10.04.19)
but it's too soon to know a motive and, "work place issues cannot be ruled out..."

How about, Islam can't be ruled out?

6. Muslim convert in secret police unit used ceramic knife
He was also born in the French colonies.Maldives maybe.
7. Moslem murdereer
howiej ,   New Milford   (10.04.19)
Why not state that he was a convert to Islam?
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