Palestinians to resume taking Israeli collected tax money
Published: 04.10.19, 19:31
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1. Follow the money trail
Boaz   (10.04.19)
Lump sums are always a bad idea. They often end up in trust accounts in Tonga or Cayman islands. The beneficiaries as usual Abbas et Al- not the man in the street.
2. Transparency
me   (10.04.19)
A photo of two ministers. Kahlon on a monthly average Knesset salary- 120S wool mainstream suit. Palestinian Al- Shekh freeloader on donations, wears silk and linen $1.5k suit. My observation and I share it.
3. How could "Palestinians" possibly make it clearer...
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.04.19)
Thankfully, "Palestinians" don't have nuclear bombs. If they did, they would use them on Israel in a heartbeat. During the last century, "Palestinians" have done everything else humanly possible to prove they are Israel's mortal foes. How could "Palestinians" possibly make it clearer they want us all dead? Yet the mad flow of Israeli assistance to them continues...
4. What about all the damage and terror victims compensation
This should all be taken from the plo, the terror org which funded and supporting the destruction and terror...
5. Palestinians to resume taking Israeli collected tax money
and the Israeli "frierim" will gladly hand it over to them. How much is Abbas rewarding islamic bloodsuckers for murdering an Israeli these days?
6. The Shrine of Our Lady of Mercy
Llech Gronw Hall ,   Cathays Park, UK   (10.06.19)
It must be recognized that Mr. Netanyahu's talent is inexhaustible.

When we all thought that this miracle worker had broken the top of his top hat, and that he still had no rabbit left, he has suddenly taken out the most incredible of all: a coney worth a billion shekels.

It is very likely that everything was to attract the Arab vote, even knowing in advance that the Arabs of the West Bank will continue to pay the Death Stipends to the murderers of Jews.

There is no doubt that, after politics, the highest paid career in Judea and Samaria is to be a terrorist.

Whatever it is, today a great miracle has happened, something like the appearance of Our Lady of Mercy in mortal flesh distributing 300 million dollars among politicians. The least that all these people could do is commemorate this great day by building a tumulus for Mr. Netanyahu.
7. PA leaders jealous of Haniyeh taking money for his kids
Sam ,   Montreal   (10.06.19)
PA leaders want more money in their pockets to pay for luxuries for their families. Palestinians too ignorant to complain. They are a bunch of sheep obeying Abbas.
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