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The quiet revolution of Israel's Arab citizens
The Media Line
Published: 05.10.19, 19:53
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1. Big positive step towards a One State [of Israel] Solution
Jake   (10.05.19)
The Israeli-Arab minority is prospering, and they must find their place in Israeli Democracy, to create a framework for absorbing additional Arabs in Judea & Samaria. But voting for an "Arab list" is not the way to get anything done. They will have to dispense with the likes of Tibi & Odeh (who spit on Israel's generosity and openly support terrorism against Israeli civilians). Like minorities in other Democracies, Israeli-Arabs will have to participate in big party politics to make their voices heard.

P.S. Israel including Judea & Samaria has a growing Jewish majority of 66%. The coming waves of aliyah from Europe & the Americas will strengthen the majority. One State of Israel will be a challenge, and it may require electoral reform, but its a worthwhile endeavor, since there is no other solution.
2. "islam" Israeli Arabs.
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (10.06.19)
The "islam" Israeli Arabs must vote, in the first place, as Israelis/Israeli citizens, because it were Israeli elections/elections in Israel, if they have Israeli citizenship. Arabs in Arab countries/people in "islam" countries are not allowed to vote,because all these countries are dictatorships. Dictatorships also must be forbidden, because they are a form of crime/crime against humanity. Nobody must be forced to live under dictatorship. Although not perfect, a democratic form is to be prefered. The "islam" Israeli Arabs may be glad, that they live in a country where anybody can vote. The Arab parties/list is a minority in Israel. Several other parties in Israel are bigger and can achieve more for the Israeli people.
3. Ynet quoting 972 again very objective....
4. Pipe dreams
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.06.19)
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