Israel's Arab citizens are not the enemy
MK Ahmad Tibi
Published: 06.10.19, 14:28
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1. My thoughts as a Zionist from muslim background
Israeli Muslim   (10.06.19)
I think Israel is doing its best to help the Arab israeli society. The shooting problems can't be blamed at the state but Arab israelis need to take responsibility too. The islamic culture has negative effects on society and they need to take a more secular approach to solve their problems more effectively. Having said that, the government should do what it can to help solve this issue.
If Arabs believe that the traitors called as Joint List are going to help then they are wrong. They don't show loyalty to the state of Israel as they should and they don't represent me or many who think like me.

We don't want an Arab state, they are all failed states. We want a Jewish and democratic state that focuses on all of its citizens. I love this country because it created a good life for its people within a few decades. Despite the hatred israel gets and the boycotts, it introduces scientific breakthroughs to the world. How can I not be proud of my country? God bless and protect the state of israel.
2. Not true
Jake ,   Dallas   (10.06.19)
They want all the benefits of the Jewish State but without the Jews.
They think the prosperity, the freedoms, all are separate and apart from the Jews
Talk to them. It’s scary. Most but not all believe in their imaginary Islamic paradise
3. solve your own problems
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (10.06.19)
Israels arabs are not the enemy, that is usually not, but sometimes they are.
Arab communities can fight those crimes themselves, they don't need Israels police. .
4. Young Arab Israelis are finding their voice
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.06.19)
Lets hope Arab List are listening to the aspirations of their younger electorate

With the damaging Zoabi era of self exclusion and DIVISION politics and continuous Israel bashing consigned to the garbage bin..they want their elected politicians to WORK FOR THEM and NOT their own personal agendas

So for starters

1.They want MORE inclusion in Israeli society not less.
2.Teaching the younger generation THE VALUE of living in an open and participative multi cultural democratic society almost unique in the Middle East that must be protected and indeed FOUGHT FOR warts and all
3.Working with Government to boost a new era of Islamic Tourism to Israel with Arabic speaking Guides, Israeli Arab Cuisine, Israeli Arab Hotels, Cultural Events potentially worth up to $3bn pa to Israeli Arab communities
4.Teaching and providing meaningful opportunities for Voluntary Work and National Service
5.Promote cross national Islamic cultural and sporting exchanges
6.A national debate to consider perhaps tweaking the words of the Hatikvah so everyone can sing it with conviction - (change A Jewish soul still yearns to All our souls still yearn?) or perhaps add a new third verse to the Hatikvah that reflects all communities in a modern Israel

So Arab List get off your perches and start MEANINGFUL political dialogues so BRING ABOUT CHANGE and PROGRESS and not just carp and criticise from the sidelines
5. Israel's Arab citizens are not the enemy
Joe Wyse ,   Hadera   (10.06.19)
We are certainly living in interesting times when I find common cause with Ahmed Tibi, if only on this one issue,,but no one has framed the problem better and more clearly than him.I would add that if Israeli arabs are, through our indifference, negligence, incompetence or malice, left to fend for themselves in their communities, why should they pay taxes, obey the law, contribute and identify with the state of Israel? how long will it be before they turn en masse to Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the rest of them ? Woe unto us that it takes an anti zionist of the likes of Dr. Tibi to wake us from our slumbers !
6. Correct, but Ahmed Tibi IS quite literally "the enemy"
Jake   (10.06.19)
The man has a picture of PLO dictator mass-murderer Yasser Arafat on his wall.
7. Oh, if so: who is?! Because sure as Hell SOMEONE is!
8. Tibi is an enemy of the state
zionist forever   (10.07.19)
The arabs are a fifth column who for the most part are against the concept of a Jewish state and the arab MKS are the worst of the lot as they are primerily there to represt the interests of the Pals and give them Knesset representation.
As for crime in Judea & Samaria, thats for the PA to sort out not the Israeli police or the IDF.

Why is Ynet giving a voice to former advisor to Yasser Arafat and terrorist lovers like Tibi?
9. Behave Yourselves
A Simple Jew ,   Beer Sheva   (10.08.19)
Dear Mr. Tibi; So you want the help of the Zionist enemy? Usually, you call us cruel oppressors, defaming us before the entire world, but today you want "Community Policing"?

I can see it now: A Jewish policeman "Avi" will hang out on the Arab Street, and get to know all the little Jihadis, kind of like Officer Krupe in West Side Story.

During the day, you want Jewish police to help you, while you plot to destroy Israel at night.

Kiss my Hamor
10. You can do it!
Vered, Israel   (10.08.19)
Dear Mr. Tibi,
Most Israelis want you to succeed. You have no idea how much we want things to go well for you. If I could wish anything for the Israeli Arabs, Palestinians, and the Arab world at large, it would be the gift of introspection. Arabs are the single most unintrospective people on the planet. No Arab country enjoys true civils rights, most are poverty-stricken with the exception of the ruling class, no innovation comes from any of them - ever, and holding certain opinions can get you killed in all of them. Yet, you're fixated on honor and appearances.
But the Israeli Arabs can be different! You have latched on to the single most innovative people ever! You can have the beautiful aspects of Arab culture with no fear that you'll be trapped in an Arab government! But first, you need to admit your mistakes and not scream "racism". Firstly, is there any people more racist than Arabs? Who program their children from birth to actually hate Jews? Who ridicule Africans as primitive?
Arafat stole your money, just like Abbas is doing. Google how much money Abbas has - 100 million dollars! Yet, you focus on us, as if making us look bad can somehow help you.
Japan and Germany were utterly humiliated 70 years ago, but look at them now! They are world leaders! One-third of the Jewish people were murdered 70 years ago - but look at us now! Viet Nam lay in ruins 50 years ago - but look at them now! You can change. You can succeed. But first you have to say, "Wow, we suck. We really do. We don't know how to govern. We care more about destroying than building. Rather than learn, we'd rather blame." Then move on! Fix it! We did it and so can you!
11. Israel must separate from “ israeli” Arabs link to PA
SeparateBefore2late ,   Jerusalem   (10.10.19)
They are only waiting like snakes in the grass to destroy the Jewish Homeland their “ Final Solution” No to “ integration” yes to “ separation “
What fools the Israeli Jews are there and they’re even foolisher “
Let Hamas and “friends” rule them and “ solve” their communal Arab cultural violence ...
12. ISRAELI ARABS need to follow the EGYPT-ISRAEL road of peace
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (10.12.19)
Itself? Israeli Arabs don’t really want the Jews to govern them even though they know at heart that Jews are doing a better job at it. The ideology and Islamic paradise seeking are the core of their society. How can Israeli Police go in there communities and collect the guns and fight the mafias there by force? That will create a civil war for Israel. Who wants that? Which police man would want to die for that? It is simply not worth the lives and the cost for state of Israel to do so.
14. The Arabs countries without agreement with ISRAEL are worst
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