Is Israel facing the biggest conflict since Yom Kippur War?
Assaf Schneider
Published: 06.10.19, 23:17
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1. Mr.
charles w watson ,   lancaster,ky. USA   (10.06.19)
If these conditions come to pass,wipe Tehran off the map with whatever
Israel has in their arsenal and then gradually hostilities will cease.
2. Hit the key targets from day one
Ralph   (10.06.19)
The targets should be mullah oil terminal, all ships, POL industry, petroleum storage, and infrastructure / electrical grid/bridges/etc. key targets are mullah oil industry and false flagged ships.

The same with Iraq ^^. With Lebanon all key targets in the south will be found underneath mosques, hospitals, schools, and UN / IRC facilities. Target Syrian and Lebanese ports, power stations, main airports, POL storage, mullah airlines, and bridges etc...

Infantry and armor will need to be deployed to S.Lebanon immediately. Flame throwers should be used to flush out combatants who are inside of bunkers. Change tactics and use drones.
3. Evil Axis first strike? Israel gives the final strike.
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.07.19)
If Gaza launches a hundred rockets at once, which is probably beyond them, Iron Dome will remove the most serious threat, many will fall harmlessly, and many will fall in Gaza killing Arabs.

But after that first salvo by Hamas, Israel will have Carte Blanche to rearrange the geography of Gaza. It will be mostly unrecognizable when Israel is done with it.
Hamas knows that.
Initiating a major attack against Israel where Israel will massively retaliate, should have Hamas leadership charged with crimes against humanity. It won't matter though, Israel will have vaporized Haniyeh, Mashaal, and all the rest of the pathetic losers, which, in the long run, would be the best thing that could happen to Gaza.

As for Nasrallah and his Hezbollah goons and Iranian Republican Douchebags in Syria, Israel would remove the threat so completely that Tehran would be in need of a new Parliament, since they would be first in line to receive Israel's 'calling card.'

And if there is some 'fifth column' of Arabs within Israel's borders that cause trouble, the 'deport them all' movement will have been right from the get-go and that's exactly what would happen.

Since all scenarios end with Arabs losing everything they have, (and they know it), it will never happen.
4. Infantile babyish "analysis" to spread LIES LIES more LIES
TheWall   (10.07.19)
5. a well-written, serious article...
Rafi ,   US   (10.07.19)
In the run up to wars, typically each side is convinced it will prevail decisively.

The reality is often are much more nuanced, bloody & miserable.

In these circumstances, Israel should of course fight only wars that are absolutely necessary.
6. despite right-wing braggadocio, Iran & other enemies
Rafi ,   US   (10.07.19)
...of Israel are no "paper tigers". A new war will not be a walk in the park.

Only a fool & demagogue (like commentor "fake Benassi") would suggest otherwise.

Unfortunately there are plenty of those who post to Ynet...
7. No external conflict, just Netanyahu holding on 2 his chair.
In order to hold on to his chair he's trying to scare the bejezuz outta us.
But being that we are all Jews we ain't go no bejezuz to be scared outta us!

Best option...send Netanyahu and his entourage to his house in Caesarea or better yet to his house on Aza Street! Just make sure he moves out of the house on Balfour Street!
8. PM Nutanyahu is having ANOTHER crisis!
He's lost 2 elections!
He's failed twice to form a government!
He's the one with the existential threat!
Send him to the States so that he can become a Republican Senator and support Trump et.al.!
Surely Senator Mitch McConnell will be happy to have Nutanyahu on board!
9. Oh crap, I’m selling my assets& running away, all because of
this article!
10. Reply to Arnie Yeso and more
DSM ,   USA   (10.07.19)
Most of America's Democrat House members and those Democrat's running for president believe Israel is the problem in the Middle East. Should they maintain their House majority, gain the Senate and or the presidency, Israel will receive no help from America.
Almost every war is won by totally demoralizing the civilian population by wiping out huge chunks of that population. Killing civilians, which Israel has shown a distaste for doing, will be just as necessary as beating armies and wiping out infrastructure. Will Israel be up to that task when it is required ?
11. Better have the nuclear bombs ready
Alex Baldor ,   Toronto   (10.07.19)
You think that the Iranians threat, hezbola threat, hamas threat are empty Words? Same as the threat of Hitler he anounced long before he gained power what he wants to do to the Jews. Jabotinski called on you back in 1935 that it will hit you a big disaster flee whoever can My mother asked my father to imigrate to Palestine in 1933. Yes Jews fighting jews Muslim unite. Do you think that the Israeli palestinian will sit idle? how about the Druze. I was in I948 not far from Ramat Yochanan when the Druze attacked at night the kibuc and where repelled.I heard the shooting. Actually one of the problems is that Israeli leadership does not understand what drives muslims why do they hate jews. It goes back to Mohamed and how did Mohamed energize his fighters to become fearless fighters and see how he started 1400 years ago with 2 dozen followers in desert oasis Meccah and now has1.6 Bilion followers. The Muslim belief in after life and getting killed in battle makes them strong.gives them master mentality Your belief in the superstition of resurection of the dead and arrival of the messiah makes you weak gives you slave mentality.
12. not so simple
zionist forever   (10.07.19)
Talking about the fact Likud is ruing party is nothing short of trying to put political spin on the issue and the reality is that nobody knows when war will come, who the government would be at the time or how well they handle it.
The government has admitted to some operations in the past for election purposes which is something that all parties woud do if they were running the country looking to get reelected but even when governments talk there is always limits on what gets said.

As for the idea of a war itself, no Israel cannot and never could handle a prolonged war as the public start blaming the government and as the is only a limited amount of economic damage that can be absorbed.

If the war takes place when we have a strong government thats willing to do whatever it takes no matter what the rest of the world thinks then groups like Hezbollah would be dealt with by carpet bombing Southern Lebanon and holding the Lebanses government accountable by telling them you stop Hezbollah or we bomb Beirut ( we then do it ).
If we have a weak government like the Olmert one it will probably turn out to be a disaster.

Any war with Iran itself would be quick as it would involve an exchange of missiles only provising Iran has no land border through Syria etc.
Its also very possible that any war with Iran would result in either international military action by a country like the US that has the ability to carry out airstrikes deep inside Iran and possibly the result could even be a nuclear war because if Iran fires missiles on Israel and causes mass casualties then governments start thinking about nuclear options as Israel cannot absorb large numbers of casualties.

As for the rest of the IDF like infantry, armoured units and Home Front there is a shortage of equipment but unlike in 1973 the public are no longer willing to allocate the lions share of the budget to defense and so the IDF doesnt have the kind of capabilities it once had.
Its up to the public if they want the IDF to get more tanks or if they want more money spent on social services etc.
13. Three A bombs
TC   (10.07.19)
One in Tehran, another one in Beirut and finally, one in Damascus.
Problem solved. Guaranteed forever.
14. Little Choice
R ,   LA   (10.07.19)
Israel will have to unholster its nukes, even if Iran has the bomb. Israel can not allow itself to be a punching bag for Iran's cheap rockets and now precision munitions. There is no conventional army that Israel has that can suppress 150,000 arab rockets. Nape, Daisy Cutters and cluster munitions will only go so far. Then it's the need for a bigger gun. And, no the Israelis can not count on a divided America that is in decline. A story within itself...
15. Excellent article.Most of world wud be delighted if IL destr
Alan ,   SA   (10.07.19)
oyed..Dont worry, Iran has a few off the shelf Atomic Bombs or even dirty bombs...There are too many armchair general posters.But having said that ,what is Israell's choice????? Mutual assured destruction IF Iran attacks as they threaten daily
16. PREEMPT THIS TIME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.07.19)
17. Let's pray
InChrist ,   NZ   (10.07.19)
2Ch 7:14 if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
18. Israel perfectly justified to use EMP against Iran
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.07.19)
When a much bigger bully threatens to murder you and reaches for his gun, you are fully justified to shoot him down like the mad dog he is. Iran is much bigger than Israel and constantly threatens us with genocide. Israel is perfectly justified to use Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP), against Iran, and send it back to the Stone Age, at any time.
19. Resolution 1701 UNSC New York +UNIFIL 14 years of armistice
20. Scneider's is a war propaganda article Shame on his article
21. Obviously IL must be prepared at all times for Iranian attak
Alan ,   SA   (10.12.19)
BUT I cant see Iran embarking on a war with Israel. They have everything to lose if their ättack"goes wrong..Probably their whole Islamic set up will collapse.Also all their allies will be destroyed. Their young people dont want their brand of Islam any longer.The public is fed up with austerity. and living a deprived life.They know they cant beat Israel quickly. Maybe Iranian Ayatollah can throw weight about with Gulf States ,but not Israel. Main point is that Israel must be eternaly vigilant and not open hostilities YET.
22. ISRAEL needs to be prepared for war but also for fresh PEACE
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