Minister in charge of police says 'very violent' culture to blame for Arab sector violence
Hassan Shaalan
Published: 07.10.19, 13:57
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1. because Romanian & Hungarian Jews r the salt of the earth!
just ask Minister Gilad Erdan he'll set you straight!
2. It does not matter, who is to blame.
What matters is, how are the police and municipalities going to work together in solving this anarchy in Arab towns, before it spills elsewhere.
3. It's horrific
גבריאלה ,   ירושלים   (10.08.19)
Unfortunately, violence against women is rampant in the Arab sector, not only in Israel but in every Muslim country. If people are able to kill their own daughters and sisters, then perhaps life is cheap. I honestly don't see why Israelis are being blamed for it. But then again, it's convenient to have a scapegoat.
4. And he(Erdan) is wrong....HOW exactly???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Violence against women
Guest ,   Jerusalem, Palestine   (10.09.19)
Muslims need to learn how to respect women's rights from israel
Maybe serial rapist katsav can teach them? How about rapist david Keyes? Maybe silvan shalom? Weinstein? Epstein? Woody allen? Or maybe Polanski? How about pedophile pedophile rapist dershowitz? Gantz? Etc etc
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