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For Kurds, U.S. pullback feels like being abandoned once more
Associated Press
Published: 07.10.19, 23:31
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1. Dream of Kurd 2nd Israel Dead, get your 2nd Passports Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (10.08.19)
2. The Kurds
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (10.08.19)
The Kurds have the fullest right on their own state, in those 4 failed states
3. I don't know if Kurds are our "friends", but in politics
all that's important are alliances and common interests.
Right now the US looks bad, untrustworthy and nearsighted.
Nor Trump's finest moment.
I get it: the man wants to win next elections, but there is "life after Donald" and by the look of things, his unwise foreign policy combined with the all devouring hate almost half of the country has for the other, the road to sudden "POOF!" (a la Soviet Union) is not unlikely....
4. Turkey invading country claiming terrorism,changes law..
A   (10.08.19)
This could lead to Russia, India, Israel and others taking advantage of this new supposed legal right to invade and conquer another country claiming terrorism...
5. USA abandonment of Kurds=abandonment of Israel
because the Kurds are our allies.
and we should NOT abandon them
6. Anerica to ME...DROP DEAD
Al   (10.08.19)
I wouldwish people will start to understand that America doesn't need the ME for anything.

America is oil independent.

America is for America.

Note to Israel.

You're a 71 year old nation.

You're on your own.

Schnorrer day is over.

What previous presidents did or didn't do is irrelevant.

What's important is what you do.

No one owes you anything.

axe ben ,   LA   (10.08.19)
This is a a message to all Jewish leaders in congress that leading the impeachment inquiry of Trump.Back off or or 'I' will blow off Israels as I am the Kurds.
8. He's not even doing it for any REAL money-savings, but 99%
for the effect.
What a loust decision.
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