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'I think the Holocaust never happened'; killer uploads manifesto before German synagogue shooting
Published: 09.10.19, 23:46
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1. Why gun control is very bad
David ,   New york   (10.10.19)
Germany has strict gun control
This nut job had no problem getting a gun, but the Jews in the synagogue had to huddle inside hoping that the he can’t open the door and kill them all
That’s nuts!
People need the right to defend themselves and at least 2 or 3 people should be armed in the synagogue
If gun ownership was allowed and widespread, hundreds or thousand of millions of Jews would have been saved in the holocaust.
2. Oh no! Another holocaust!
Elie weasel ,   Aushwitz camp   (10.10.19)
Hide your bagels! Hide the kirpa! We had better watch out!
3. Horrible, horrible.
anonymous   (10.10.19)
Heartbreaking we are still contending with Neo -Nazi hatred from the right. All respect to leaders willing to forcefully condemn antisemitism against Jews living and worshipping, the world over.
4. Murders Outside Halle's Humboldtstraße Synagogue
Riceful O'Donnell ,   Ulster, UK   (10.10.19)
After making a 'cunning' analysis about the causes of bottomless European degeneration, this bloke has pontificated: 'The root of all these problems is the Jew.' An anti-Semitic tirade that deserves to be next to another immortal quote: 'The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world!', uttered 13 years ago by the famous Christian fundamentalist Mel Gibson, producer, co-writer and director of the arch-renowned film 'The Passion of the Christ', a slanderous anti-Semitic libel seen since then by more than a billion Christians across the globe every year during the Easter Week. Gibson publicly apologized for his quote, but unfortunately never did it for his movie.

A serious analysis about the ultimate responsibility for all wars in the world, as well as the unstoppable European decline, could lead to thousands of pages, and its conclusions would be as diverse as contradictory. But an anti-Jew does not need to waste time with such boring studies. Believing himself endowed with superhuman prescience, he dares to summarize the history of the last 6,000 years with a dozen words where the term 'Jew' is always present.

Beyond doubt, anti-Semitism is an extremely contagious brain disease that completely ruins the ability of the human mind to understand the world and things objectively. For anti-Semites, their hatred of the Jews explains everything, because in their opinion, intelligence and reason are for idiots ... or for the Devil's sons, the Jews.

Fighting anti-Semitism, that is, teaching its citizens to think and reason, nations will establish the strongest foundations to make a better world for all.
5. "I don't think the Holocaust happened" ??
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (10.10.19)
Doesn't get more ignorant than that, does it. Clearly this murderous thug is a loser with nothing in life to live for. Hates everyone because he's a loser. Just execute him, do his family and the entire plant a huge favour.
6. Imagine his mom has had access to free abortion?! Oy Vey!
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