Yom Kippur for the Kurdish people
Tsur Shezaf
Published: 11.10.19, 13:35
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1. Tsur scaremonger. Turkey is a Paper Tiger like Iran.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.11.19)
Their military has not fought a real war for 100 years and its Airforce pilots lack motivation.

Turkey only attacks what it considers inferior forces and unarmed civilians.

Before reaching the border with Israel it has to enter in a confrontation with Syria, Iran, Hezbollah and Russia.

In addition to that it will not dare challenging Israel militarily.
2. history repeats. another Kurdiah genocide
the tyrant in Ankara is indeed Hitler's next of kin
3. your concern for Kurds is sham given what u R doing to Pals
kms ,   Jerusalem   (10.11.19)
4. trump
HERMAN ROSEN ,   H   (10.11.19)
Trump is an unpredictable moron ..something I have been saying
for months...Israel has been overwhelmed with Trump idolatry since
he moved the embassy...but otherwise he is essentially Putin's
agent in Washington...all his moves benefit Russia..however he has failed
to get the economic sanctions lifted and they may never be!
Israel should tread carefully in dealing with this loose cannon
5. Reason for Trump's withdrawal tendencies in M E
Alan ,   SA   (10.12.19)
All Trump's opposition in USA goes along the lines of this.... "This man is crazy. He will drag us into World War 3.".....This prophecy is part of the T D S which says that he must be attacked on every position he takes. Whatever he says or does must be attacked..Now President Trump is the only President I think since WW2 who has never started a war..All the other Presidents have .So President Trump wants to prove he is AntiWar and is going over the top in trying to neutralise those with the "Trump will start WW3" propoganda position . The same applies to his gently gently approach to Iran Saudi relations.This is infuriating those who hate him..He is not playing ball nicely.
6. None of the ME countries are correct
Rich ,   Toronto   (10.12.19)
The behaviour of Arabs, Kurds, Turks, Iranians and Israelis leaves much to be desired. Violence and destruction is all they know. Soon climate change will overtake them and they will all have to leave the Middle East. They are destroying their own habitat and will not survive.
7. Reports that Turkey is arming Isis to fight the kurds..
A   (10.12.19)
8. Obviously you are ignoring the facts about the "Pals".
Mairice ,   Montreal   (10.12.19)
9. Only because we can instantly view & be informed about every
and anything around the globe, it does not mean that everything is our common cause or/and sphere of influence.
So we know about Kurds, but we also know about Tibetans, Basks & many others claiming to be stateless...
So what?
World is not one big pot for everyone to stir as they deem correct!
Take care of your own backyard. It's more important and rewarding.
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