Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
The two faces of antisemitism
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 11.10.19, 23:49
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1. BDS is a coalition of Islamist and Anarchist and Fringe
Dovid ,   New Yawk   (10.12.19)
I do not like KKK and Neo Nazis but they are not the BDS activists and are largely shunned by polite society. These threats are distinct from Islamism.

The danger is the Somali American el Shebabita Ilhan Omar, Pollywood star Rashida Tlaib and brainless AOC are a forward guard of BDS in the democratic party.

Simply put very hard to condemn Islamists without being labeled Islamophobic and Trump is unique in standing up to this Muslim sisterhood of the Democrat party
2. U can't torment an entire people & then fret about backlash
kms ,   Jerusalem   (10.12.19)
3. No solution without disarming the Kremlin's Active Measures!
X65   (10.12.19)
4. Didnt ynet write articles denying bds is antisemitic???
5. It's a fact
DSM ,   USA   (10.12.19)
Many supporters of the BDS movement are American far left Progressive Jews.
6. If US Veto saving Israel from sanctions stopped then #BDS
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (10.12.19)
...would be unnecessary and would have never existed.

Grassroots #BDS overrides the US UN Veto.

Israel will be held accountable for their crimes in Palestine by the people of the World until their governments force Israel to stop.
7. BDS, one of the biggest scams of modern history.
tiki ,   belgium   (10.12.19)
Here is the biggest one........:

"The palestinian people & their rights to their historic lands, stolen from them by the Israeli's".

If you believe the first one, the second one is a natural conclusion.
8. Israel= biggest generator of Antisemitism
KMS ,   Jerusalem   (10.12.19)
9. Yemini has ..a thousand flip flop faces he’s a bad joke
The1000FacesOfYemini ,   Jerusalem   (10.17.19)
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