The man at the top appears to have lost his mind
Shimrit Meir
Published: 12.10.19, 23:32
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1. Another deal!
BAB ,   Jerusalem   (10.13.19)
King T continues to see everything in terms of (financial) deals. Give the other side a deal they can't refuse, and you've got it. This time it seems that Erdogan must have threatened to cancel a major arms purchase from the US if the US blocks their ethnic cleansing of the Kurds. So the US defense industry wins, and the Kurds happen to 'lose' this round. Trumps values have always been clear.
2. Meir has lost his mind......
Eliyahu   (10.13.19)
This kind of opinion lessens the readership of ynet.
3. Bla blah blah more attacks from leftists
Joseph ,   usa   (10.13.19)
He is wrong if he does and wrong if he does not.
You always should talk to your enemy unless you are planning on killing him. Same was said office Trump for North Korea, yet has gotten fathe farther than any polititian ever dreamed
4. We will NOT be pulled into yet another old ME feud
Cameron   (10.13.19)
That shit is the curse of the region, and Trump is wisdom itself in acting to move US personnel out of that evil patch of Syrian sand.

5. Trump is showing weakness just like Obama
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (10.13.19)
Failure to punish Iran for reducing world’s oil supply by 5% and now withdrawal from supporting allies shows that this dog is all bark and no bite
6. Trump is foremost a business man.if
Naor ,   Haifa   (10.13.19)
There is no profit he will not commit.if there is no benefit for america and the books don't balance he's not interested.On the other hand when has the USA been on the forefront of anything.it took them years to commit to come in on the side of Britain during WWIi and then only after pearl harbour.Their escapades in Vietnam,Irag proved a complete mess.The USA have never been strong on foreign policy.
7. What to do
Sam   (10.13.19)
If the heàrt is away and the mind on the hand
8. Erd is right 2 refrain from playing US tone,not US mercenary
Pinhas Anbari ,   Jerusalem   (10.13.19)
9. Trump is an idiot
sheik rattle & roll ,   usa   (10.13.19)
I said it the day the idiot was elected. Trump is an idiotic moron who has no clue what he is doing. The self proclaimed genius aka art of the deal maker has created more damage in 4 years that all of the past presidents combined. I don't know if we will ever recover from this fiasco. He has degraded and permanently stained the presidential seal. Israel is probably gloating about the good deeds Trump has done for the State of Israel, yes they are good but the damage he does to the power of the US weakens Israel as well. Being strong militarily is nothing when you are diplomatically weak and have no allies.
10. a fair summary of nauseating situation confronting the world
Rafi ,   US   (10.13.19)
thnx to the Orange stable genius...

Yet Trump's minions & apologists - including his shameless Ynet sycophant commentors - continue their tied-in-knots justifications of his mendacity regardless of who his latest victims are...
11. Lost his mind??
Chuck ,   S.F., USA   (10.13.19)
You Israelis seem to be the last ones to realize that he never had much of a mind to begin with!
12. Donald
david ,   Jerusalem   (10.13.19)
M.Shimrit your mind is obviously not functioning. Anyone with any political savvy realizes what POTUS is up to.
13. He already performed the sword dance with Saudi rulers
N ,   N   (10.13.19)
Eventually there will there be a coming-out that he converted to Wahhabism.
How many of his followers will join him?
14. Not so fast. The key word is "appears". Some people want it
to be true from day one of Trump presidency...tough luck.
15. Journalists fail with lies become psychiatrists?
A   (10.13.19)
Any psychiatrist or psychologist who makes a claim against another person and their mental state, without meeting the person is breaching their own laws and should lose their licence.

Disgusting writer also ignores 100 factors, from air support, to Intel, red lines and more.

Speaking of anyone who knows anything about the middle east....
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (10.13.19)
Erdogan quiet. I really can’t figure out the use of Turkey there. The Russian and Assad need to figure out how to bring the refugees back. Not Turkey!
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LANd   (10.13.19)
Anymore. He’s actually looking forward to impeachment and resigning, and he is doing things deliberately at this stage in order to speed it up.
18. are we next?!
19. Caligula's rampant megalomania
pgr   (10.13.19)
Will soon hit all those Israelis who thought that an embassy in Jerusalem was their guarantee of Trump's - and America's - support.When you are blinded by ideology rather than common sense, you lose balance.

What he has done to the Kurds he will do to Israel. At the drop of a hat. He has no allegiances except to himself and his own greatness. He's played he Israel game because it got him votes. He almost certainly used his daughter's Judaism to advantage, nepotistically employing her and her husband to deal with the Yids and convince them that he's as good as Jewish and on their side. That is, until his statement that those not on his side were disloyal to America.

He wants a peace prize (and you can bet your bottom dollar he's been taking out his loss of it this year on everyone and their mothers) as the crowning glory of his career as Deal Maker of the Century and if Israel fails to abide to his glorious plan, you can bet your bottom dollar that he'll sell this country down the river without a qualm. That's because the real reality is that what makes Trump tick is money. Money is what he quotes as the reason to allow Recip Erdogan to slaughter the Kurdish people. Saving them is "too expensive."

Trump's favoritism chops and changes with whichever direction the wind blows. That's because irrespective of this writer's other views, she is right in one thing: Trump is not right in the head. Everyone who has met with him attests to there being something pretty darned out of kilter there.

Rome learned how pandering to a madman emperor ended. When Trump finally leaves office - and for America and the world's sake it should be soon - there will be months of revelations about the true extent of this man's twisted, nasty personality.

Israel, however, will not go unscathed. It's the very reason why the coward Netanyahu is doing the usual and hiding behind his minders doing absolutely nothing for the Kurds, and a whole lot less for his own people. He's waiting and wondering how long it will be before Trump decides that Arab, Iranian and Turkish deals are worth more than 9 million squabbling Jews.
20. Diametrical opposite
Isaac Storm   (10.13.19)
Our civilization has evolved where if someone calls something by a certain phrase or name, then according to the mass social media, it must be true. In reality, it is a word play to con people and is the diametrical opposite. Hence, we have "peace spring" that is a deadly fall.
21. above
moishe   (10.13.19)
but Trump is POTUS of premier country in the world that Israel can rely on in time of need. maybe!
22. Trump: just another dedicated Xenophobe!
23. Those expecting US open-ended military commitments in Syria
Jake   (10.13.19)
should now step up to the plate, make their way to northeast Syria, and find the nearest recruitment station for foreign volunteers in support of the Kurdish fighters.
The armchair generals who took for granted the American soldiers on decades-long missions in the Middle East with no end in sight, should now be prepared to put their much accumulated "military" experience into practice on the front lines.
24. Anyone with eyes in their head knew Donald was a failure
Avi L.   (10.13.19)
Anyone with eyes in their head knew since June 2016 that Donald was serial business failure, a cheat, an unreliable unstable moron

And it didn't take a PhD in international whatever to know it neither

Only another of the same caliber would have bet a whole country on such psychiatric liability

When will he find that also Israel is "costly" and that it didn't contributed to D-Day?

Strange that Donald folds every time talks to lil' sultan, is erdo Donald kryptonite or has he got a leverage of some sort? Some huge pile of cash or some compromising dossier?
25. remember Obama's red line on Assad?
labangon ,   cebu   (10.13.19)
When Obama did nothing after Assad smeared his red line into nothingness, the Russians poured heavily into Iraq and Syria. Very recent history, you have to remember that. THAT, was when the US actually lost it's middle east presence. The remaining US troops were nothing more than scarecrows now. You call Trump an idiot, he's actually just a very practical person.
26. Like him or hate him, but Trump is very good
leo ,   usa   (10.13.19)
POTUS (emphasis on "US") as it is his job.

Besides, do not rush into conclusion just yet for in the past President Trump has succeeded with everything he started despite tremendous opposition and resistance of Deep State and The Swamp.
27. The French say "Noblesse Oblige", so if the US wants to
remain a relevant Player, it has to commit both money and boots on the ground, around the globe.
True: if you'd let ME have the wheel at the White House for 48 hrs, I'd solve most of today's world maladies by nuclear bombing of main Islamic assets.
But you wouldn't like that, would you?
28. Trump is as bad as Erdogan and Irans mullahs, HE is their
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.13.19)
SERVANT !!!!!!!!!
29. Trump has CAPITULATED to Kim, to the mullahs and to Erdogan.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.13.19)
He is the COWARD IN CHIEF, he is WORSE than Obama !!!!!!!!!!!!!
30. Trump is a SHAMELESS COWARD and terrorist appeaser !!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.13.19)
This MORON is mentally deranged !!!!!!
IMPEACH HIM NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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