Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
The Kurds are being massacred and the world is silent
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 15.10.19, 23:51
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1. Kurds not being massacred
Roy ,   Ct   (10.16.19)
Stop you sensationalism. PKK, YPG terrorists are being targeted. These terrorists are holding the Kurdish people hostage and are attacking Turkey.
2. Kurds only ask antitank and anti-aircraft shoulder missiles
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.16.19)
They can fight Turks themselves but both Trump and Obama administrations refused to give it to them.
Rafi ,   US   (10.16.19)
And those politicians and individuals who continue to support him in the face of manifest CORRUPTION and complete MISMANAGEMENT OF FOREIGN POLICY should be treated with lasting contempt.
4. Send Some Israelis To Fight For Kurds If So Concerned
World Citizen ,   the world   (10.16.19)
The Israeli government doesn't care about the Kurds. They only care that someone else fight for Israeli interests. That means the Americans. Go fight your own wars.
5. Stop the nonsense.. they've been killing eachother forever..
Al   (10.16.19)
That's who they are and quite frankly I don't give a flying fig....

Hee haw
6. Turkey and the rest of the world
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (10.16.19)
This is a frightening, terrible headline of this article.Now the Kurds are being massacred by the criminal Erdogan, They already suffered so much, it is time to drop heavy bombs and weapons of mass destruction on Ankara and also to kill Erdogan. This is criminal, a war-crime, crimes against humanity and even genocide against the Kurds.Perhaps as the rest of the world destroys Ankara,if needed the Kurds are safe. Otherwise also Istanbul must be destroyed and if needed the rest of Turkey. The Turks must learn that agression and genocide does not pay (anymore). The Kurds have the right on a life in peace and security and on an own state to reward them. My sympathy to Israel and the brave Kurdish People.
7. All the things are known to us, Jews. There's no 'World".
8. Any evidence of massacres? No videos but 1000s article's.
9. Where are the pictures?
Eliyahu   (10.16.19)
This guy says they are being slaughtered and no pictures? No one is effective enough to not have something leak.

On the democratic payroll.
10. Kurds
Albi ,   Ashkelon   (10.16.19)
AMERICA FIRST..first.to cut and run.
We had better see what it's like under a bus.
11. Protecting the Kurds should fall to the UN.
DSM ,   USA   (10.16.19)
Donald Trump as President of the US and Commander and Chief is responsible for the protection of America against foreign aggressors and the well being of our troops. He is not the world's president nor the world's protector.

The UN's failure to act shows the total ineptitude of the organization. It is a place for empty speeches and nothing more.

12. Memo to Israel
Jake ,   Dallas   (10.16.19)
The American people are not responsible for the world's problems and not responsible for the Kurds. We have put sanctions on Turkey. We don't need to be intervening in every war on earth. We also have mother's here - mother's of young men who do not want to lose their children for the Kurds.
13. kurds
LARRY LISS ,   usa   (10.16.19)
nothing changed since ww2 pol pot, mao, idi amen, killed millions of there own expect nothing from the UN it is a joke .That is the reason Israel has 400 nukes only jews can depend on there own self defence NEVER AGAIN
14. Since you are so concerned about Kurds,
Rich ,   Toronto   (10.16.19)
get a gun, go to Syria and kill the Turks. And take the rest of the YNET writers with you. In this world people are taught to be concerned only for themselves, their immediate families and their tribal group. The Kurds have nothing to offer the West so Trump pulled out US troops. I don‘t see Israel sending any soldiers out there.
15. writer trying to project Zionist expansionism on Turkey
kms ,   Jerusalem   (10.16.19)
16. In few hours,Israel slaughtered 1000 Gaza civilians
Sami Sami ,   Jerusalem   (10.16.19)
17. The new American dictatorship
Roberto Ponzi ,   Phoenix   (10.16.19)
Trump is massacring American values and principles and induces chaos in the world and yet, Americans and the world is silent!
18. The world.....
claudio   (10.16.19)
Only put't their eyes if the israelis return fire to the "poor terrorists" of Gaza.......
So we must learn to put Zayiin to the world.......
19. 1915 Turk/Armenian genocide 2019 Trump/Kurd genocide
miki ,   jerusalem   (10.16.19)
20. This crime is committed by the Turks and Trump !!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.16.19)
21. I’ll guess we will have to live without those “allies”
Jake ,   Dallas   (10.16.19)
Somehow I think we will survive
22. The Syrian Army has allied with the Kurds to protect them.
Rivkah   (10.16.19)
Arma-geddon means Syrian-invade. Aram is an ancient name for Syria. Arma is a term that anciently meant Syrian. Geddon is from a Hebrew word gadad which means to invade, to cut, to expose. Armageddon will not be in Israel. It will be in SYRIA which is big enough for hundreds of millions of troops to perish so that the blood fills a valley to the horses' bridals. Anciently, Syria was part of Israel, or parts of it were. Scriptures discusses ancient borders not current ones of the country that was dedicated to haShem. Jerusalem is always the capital of Israel because that is where Israel was dedicated to haShem. NYC is the capital of the USA to haShem because that is where the nation of USA was dedicated to haShem. Crimea is the ancient religious capital of Russia where Russia was dedicated to haShem so Crimea is always the capital of Russia to haShem.
23. Next time you claim a massacre no-one will believe you.
24. Response To Jake
Dump Trump ,   Sane City   (10.20.19)
1. ISIS is far from gone
2. Putin, China and Iran have already been moving into the vacuum left by withdrawal of American troops.
3.Defending the American people is not leaving places that are critical to America's security. Abandoning allies is exceptionally detrimental to American security as it is rightly seen as an act of betrayal.
4.You claimed that "we have mother's here that don't want to lose young men for the Kurds". The Kurds, as I stated previously, have taken a lot of bullets that otherwise would have been for their sons. A resurgent ISIS is a huge threat to American interests. You never addressed the fact that The Donald has 14,000 troops ( who also have mothers by the way.....) in Saudi Arabia and thousands more being deployed there as I write. Do you think American mothers want to lose their sons to protect the government behind 9/11? Do they want to have their sons die to protect the Wahabbist Islam monarchy of Saudi Arabia?
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