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Gantz must pick Netanyahu over Odeh
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 24.10.19, 00:02
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1. Yes, but Bibi doesn't want a unity gov't, he needs an
Shachar ,   Eilat   (10.24.19)
immunity gov't and prefers a third election over a gov't that won't give him the only thing he wants. There are many short-term options for a gov't without Bibi and the wet rags surrounding him...Haredim, New Right etc . Once the dictator is safely in the courtroom or behind bars we can get a unity gov't very quickly.
2. Prepare for fanatic secular government & ...a Civil War...
BarakadesGoingUp ,   Jerusalem   (10.24.19)
3. Israelis just destroyed the Trump Israeli Support
ShotThemselvesInFoot ,   Jerusalem   (10.24.19)
4. Another election!
Rephael Rechitzky ,   Toronto   (10.24.19)
Going with the Arab group should be out of the question. Such Government won't be able to function. A 'partnership' with a potential criminal should also be out of the question. This will be giving up all the principles and also marriage with the biggest suckers, the religious parties, some are doing a favor for even supporting the existence of the Jewish State. I do the same, doing them a favor for supporting their existence, but partnership is out of the question. Lapid wants it to personally benefit from it and here we have another party like the one with Yadin (Do you remember??) who went to the wolves. Soooooooooooo, another elections are in the view. Yes, it costs money, but eventually will bring, so I hope, a better government.
5. Arafat must be in seventh Heaven(while roasting in Hell)!
6. "Gantz must"??? No 3> Likud must--delink fm fanatic racists
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana   (10.24.19)
and join a unity gov't.
7. mr
Dawit ,   jerusalem   (10.24.19)
Just give chance for blue and white party.
8. Mending the tear!!!!
Adrienne ,   Tel Aviv   (10.24.19)
Well it appears that mending the tear in Israeli society certainly does not include the 24% non Jewish population.
Yes let's have a massive right wing government with Netanyahu and all the right wing block together. That will heal the tear of Netanyahu and his thugs jeering and inciting against the media, the courts, the police and anyone to the left of him - in fact anyone who does not support him.
And of course the 24% gentile population with it's majority of Muslims will feel much better. It will be quite clear to them that that they are not part of Israeli society. No tear to be mended there.
I feel sick.
9. A flawed argument
pgr   (10.24.19)
There is no hope for a coalition with Netanyahu in it. His aim would be to undermine Gantz and Lapid so that he and he only runs everything. There's no way that a power freak narcissist like him will ever play second fiddle. They can probably rely, instead, on concerted efforts by the Bibiniks to keep the same old, tired do-nothing

There is also the staleness of Netanyahu and his pathetic sycophants. Nothing new will - or can - ever come out of them after 13 years of dogged, unchanged policy that has stopped serving the needs of the country. This will only continue to frustrate the new ideas and reforms that Gantz's party hopes to institute.

Their demands for the "power share" will almost certainly include the dropping of that party's fundamental aims, which includes anti-corruption laws and term limits, as well as an end to the stifling - and increasing - restrictions of not ordinary religious people, but of fundamentalist cults with extreme interpretations of Jewish law and traditions. This was only made possible by the power that they gained only through Netanyahu, because he was prepared to sacrifice the freedoms of his country's mainly secular people for the convenience of partners who'll support him in exchange for the right to impose only their extreme, cultist interpretations of religious law on an unwilling majority.

Gantz, who is still politically naive, nevertheless knows two things:
If he signs a deal with the Arab parties, he will be politically finished because even though it shouldn't be as such in a "democratic" country, the Arab coalition has shown little desire to consider the interests of its Jewish majority population.

If he concedes and agrees to Netanyahu in a power-sharing agreement, he will be politically finished because it will break the promise his party made to its supporters to introduce anti corruption/moral turpitude laws. He solemnly vowed that he will not sit in a coalition with ministers under investigation, two of whom have already been convicted of crimes and according to those laws, would be unable to serve in any government body.

It is therefore pie in the sky thinking that this idea of Ben Dror Yemini's is in any shape or form good for the country. He knows full well - evident from opinions in the past about Netanyahu's various failures and shortcomings - that the obstacle here is not Gantz's resistance, but about Netanyahu's arrogant refusal to admit defeat, to know when the game's up for him, and to put the country's needs before his own.

10. Exclude the mess fanatics from a Modrn Hebrew State governmt
11. It's time to try a new concept for government
Netanyahu basically lost two elections and failed to form the government twice. It is time for him to retire.
12. Gantz either joins the right wing bloc or election
zionist forever   (10.27.19)
If Gantz forms a minority government with Arabs it will be an unstable coalition which will not last long and when it does fall Gantz will be history because it’s the last thing the Jewish voters want and there is no guarantee Liberman would be willing to help form a minority government which relies on Arabs and if he is not involved Gantz cannot even get a minority government.

If it comes to another election Whilst Netanyahu might not be running Gantz will be finished, he will not be forgiven for the third election and there is no longer a need for an anybody but Netanyahu campaign.
Under new leadership Likud will probably win and the right wing bloc be biggest again with many Gantz votes shared between Likud and Labor as Gantz is yesterday man and Netanyahu will be gone.

Gantz only realistic option is to return the mandate which he has to do anyway if he cannot form a coalition and then join a right wing coalition in exchange for a rotating premiership and some senior ministries.
If he continues to play tough there will be an election.

13. Likud should dump Bibi
Avi L.   (10.27.19)
Likud should dump Bibi

The top Likud dogs who will dump him will keep their power in the next goverment
14. GANTZ ->Pick anyone except from the MESS FANATIC BLOC .
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