Rivlin tasks Gantz with forming government after Netanyahu failure
Published: 23.10.19, 20:16
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1. ...openly and covertly...
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.23.19)
"Ever since I received the mandate I have worked tirelessly, both openly and covertly, to form a broad coalition government."

Covertly? Maybe all this 'covert' stuff is the reason NOTHING gets done. Maybe all these 'covert' deals is the reason the government never accomplishes anything.

all these negotiations to form a working government MUST be done in the open, preferably on TV, so we all can see the statesmanship or mobstership of the people involved.

Deals that can't stand the light of day should never be allowed.

Maybe it's truly time for a two party system. Or is Israel trying to beat Italy's record number of failed governments??
2. O.D. Giesler: perhaps you would prefer top posts
for Tibi and Odeh, like Finance Minister and Minister of Education ? There goes your Eurovision and gay pride parade budgets.
3. The failure is that of Israeli idiot-voter, who cannot
recognize a good thing for what it really is.
Now we're on the threshold of national calamity, should the Useful idiots of Israeli Left seize power....
4. The year 5779 wasn't good for PM Netanyahu...
basically he lost two elections and then twice failed to form a government.
This indicates that Netanyahu's silver tongue has turned to clay and his golden rule is dust!
I suppose that now he, Sara and his sons will need to move out of Balfour.
I suppose this means he won't get to fly in the spanking new Prime Minister's airplane he ordered.
I suppose this means he won't get to live in that spanking new Prime Minister's residence that he ordered.
I suppose this means that Sara will give him a sparks are flying spanking!
Do you suppose that like the old Polish grannies, Sara will take off one of her golden slippers and give the prime minister's hide a tanning?
5. Sara is NOT happy tonight! There's yelling on Balfour Street
Sara's yelling on Balfour Street is soooo loud that we who live down the street at Aza & Metudella can hear her.
Word. we, the residents of the apartments on Aza at Metudella, we all heard her!
She's yelling louder than she did when the "hot video" was released back in 1990s!
6. Likud's wagons are circling...
Gideon Sa'ar is ready to run for Likud leadership
Nir Barkat has a new biography out. (amused by how much the radio commercials for his book sound like campaign commercials) he's ready to run for Likud leadership too!
Miri Siboney-Regev is ready to run for Likud leadership but she's not ready to admit it.
and then there are all the hangers on...who are quickly turning into rats abandoning ship.

Yes indeed the post Netanyahu era is shaping up very nicely! Very nicely indeed!
7. Gantz, please, get this right!
8. THe Mess Fanatism Bloc RUINED Netanyahou and LIKUD +ISRAEL
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