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Israel's biggest Hasidic movement is a house divided
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 08.11.19, 13:37
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1. Kane Eine Horen, fighting forever and ever.
Michael ,   California, USA   (11.08.19)
2. And they say the secular are evil?
Jake ,   Dallas   (11.08.19)
Their “education” doesn’t exactly elevate them I see.
3. Oyyyyyy Veyyyyyy!!!!!
Claudio   (11.08.19)
They are living like in the year 1100......but with cellular phones.....!!!!
4. G-d will vote 4 the one who sends Leifer BACK 2 Australia!
N.B. Leifer is member of this sect. Leifer is a pedophile. Leifer is being assisted by another member of this sect, namely the deputy minister of health Litzman.

So if they want to resolve this problem...they need to get down to some serious work!
5. So much for individuality. Brainwashed bumpkins!
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.08.19)
There should be no government welfare for these folks. If you can't afford to study full-time without government welfare, then you can't afford it. Nothing wrong with that.

But you've spent your younger years leaning Torah to the exclusion of everything else? Then you are in big trouble.

Go find a remedial high school and learn everything they have to offer. Suck up the knowledge like a sponge. After 12 hours of school, spend a couple hours on Torah if you have the energy. But learn math, world history, physics, chemistry, and a few computer languages. At least you'll be able to support yourself and your family.

Israel has too many Hillels and these turf wars are the results. Time to greatly reduce, if not end, this madness.
6. These are not Jews! They belong to weird cults!
Marc ,   Montreal   (11.08.19)
Nothing in the Torah orders women to cut their hair and follow alil kinds of strange rules!
With hats such as those ,it is no wonder they are divided.
Sorry but jews ,religious or otherwise, being " divided " is not news .Jews being " united" would be news .
10. Who cares?
Avi L.   (11.08.19)
Will this gangland fight for the cash diminish their power to blackmail the State and be able to sustain their parasitic lifestyle?

If yes so please go on and use instead the money for healthcare, education, elderly

Gong - fight
11. Why are they wearing dead cats on their heads?
Meshulam ,   Seldwyla   (11.08.19)
What a strange sect, wearing dead cats on their heads? What is their purpose in life and their contribution to Israel?
12. Mr
Steve Gure   (11.08.19)
Unfortunately this does not matter at all to Israel
13. Really???????
Rephael Rechitzky ,   Toronto   (11.08.19)
These people are totally useless and do nothing for Israel.
14. Rome jewish quarter
One   (11.09.19)
Bought 3 kosher items, got billed for 4. A pack of bissli no idea how it got into my bill. Handed over a 20 Euros note, received change which included a $20 Jamaica coin and a 1 pound coin, both look like Euros.
A religious jewish woman running a kosher shop shop of theft in the centre of Rome.
LARRY LISS ,   usa   (11.09.19)
MOST non ultra jews could care less if the entire cult evaporates
16. Excommunicated?
What is this? Catholic Church?? You can be a bad Jew, but you cannot be ‘excommunicated’ from Judaism. Are we reading the samé Torah?
17. Wrong photo
Jerry (Yakov) Tromp ,   Jerusalem   (11.14.19)
The photo of the Rav holding the sefer torah is the Bostoner Rebbe, Rav Meir Horowitz Shlita of Har Nof
18. 2+2=4since ever/Messianic+Ultra=Fanatic forever or.DISMANTLE
19. Giant fur hats in Israeli summer heat?
David R. ,   South Barrington IL   (11.17.19)
Tells us all we need to know about their rational thinking abilities.
20. BibiN.still INSISTS in this lunatic?part INSIDE GOVERN HOW?
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