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The health crisis: Hospitals and HMO's in urgent need of funding
Inbar Tvizer
Published: 29.10.19, 10:28
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1. Bibi enjoying cigars and pink champage is more important
Shachar ,   Eilat   (10.29.19)
than people dying in hospitals- sick people bore him just as they bore most Likudniks. And this is just a fraction of the damage this egomaniac club is inflicting on the country to keep their dictator out of prison a little longer.
2. Nope....
Eliyahu   (10.29.19)
....the money is still coming in and will go where it is most needed without this immoral government wasting more of it. Bring on third, fourth, fifth elections forever until someone, anyone, moral is elected. Right now we got nothing.
3. Not one penny for those hospitals
Jake ,   Petach Tikva   (10.29.19)
who treated Syrian and Gaza enemies. Stop taking taxpayer money to fund non Israeli citizens.
4. Litzman......
Claudio   (10.30.19)
Prefer the patient's praying to survive than well treated to live a normal life....
5. 40 million less to the Yeshivas
Jake ,   Dallas   (11.04.19)
6. Go back to the ward system instead of private rooms in hospi
Rivkah   (11.04.19)
tals. That will cut back on costs. Or you could murder patients in hospitals for body parts like the USA and Canada do.
JANIE   (11.06.19)
hospital corridors have been used for beds for years and YEARS
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