Mother of imprisoned Israeli barred from visiting her in Russian jail
Published: 29.10.19, 14:01
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1. Cruel, heartless.
Boris J Miller   (10.29.19)
Shame on Russia.
2. Russia is a mafia state, you have to treat them like Mafia n
curva ,   USA   (10.29.19)
3. same offense in USA carries 20 years prison time...
so what are this mom and daughter belly-aching about?

She admitted to the crime, let her do her time.

4. Entitled Israelis shocked they aren't getting their way....
Because. really. Israelis are certain that they can do whatever and get away with it!
and then when they are busted and brought down to size they cry "foul!"

Mom needs to catch her breath and come home.
Mom needs to stop enabling her daughter.
Mom needs to let her daughter learn about the consequences of her actions and stop making excuses for her ADULT daughter!
5. Clear message from Moscow
steve ,   b/s   (10.29.19)
The message is clear to Israelis ,treat Russia like an enemy power. Do not even use their airport.
6. message from moscow no.2
steve ,   b/s   (10.29.19)
Moscow is sending a message to Netanyahu.
You have no positive influence on us ..

Israel must find a solution to the S400 missiles fast. Russian foreign policy is now the same or even worse towards Israel than under the Soviets.
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