Israel can tackle threats by non-military means
Giora Eiland
Published: 04.11.19, 23:28
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1. Shocking an IDF general advises this
Mordechai ,   Tel Aviv   (11.05.19)
I have no respect for him now
2. THIS guy was allowed to be General Major in the IDF and
head of Security Council?
Boggles the mind.....
3. This genius of a cretin wants (again) to buy peace with
more concessions to Islam, well: where do I begin.....?!
4. Sunni+christian lebanese in and out are for Peace with ISR?
5. Pray tell,why Hamas should fear Israel bolstering it ?Appeas
ab   (11.04.19)
-ement has never worked ,G.E. had never read any history book, and, what's worse still hopes "international actors" would act in Israel's interest.
6. A better solution than constant violence
Rich ,   Toronto   (11.05.19)
from Israeli leaders who are suppose to be intelligent. But how smart are you if you don‘t have peace in your own house? On the Global Peace Index for 2019, Israel is 146th place for peaceful living - horrible! The only reason why the Hezbollah exist is because Palestinians are being mistreated. If Israel has peace with the Arabs in the Gaza and the West Bank, the Hezbollah will vanish.
Lebanese people are not overly concerned by "economic recovery " ,only israeli jews think about economics.
8. Everybody has an opinion as
Naor ,   Haifa   (11.05.19)
To how to solve the situation none of which is viable when you are dealing with an entity who change their minds like I change my socks.Neither Hama's or the PA or Jihad Islam have a concrete plan on what they would actually do if they were granted a state.The millions pumped into the areas has never gone to build any stability or infrastructure to better the populations.Their whole reason to be is to eliminate Israel and have it all.Beyond that they are prepared to destroy any stability at the expense of their citizens.An Independent Gaza with access to the international community would be a welcome card to ISIS,Iran.
One can see the money pumped in by Qatar has done little to aid the population.
9. Totally clueless, as usual
Avi L.   (11.05.19)
"When the Lebanese people realize that Hezbollah's heavy weaponry is the stumbling block to any foreign investments or economic aid"

They ALREADY KNOW! No one needs to tell them

They are held hostages by the khomeinists

Unbelievable, whether Giora wants to flatten Lebanon for being guilty of being held hostage by Hezballah or he wants that criminal terrorist of nazrallah to be reasonable and see the advantage of deposing weapons

Hey habibi! Hezballah took over the country in 2007, killed hariri senior and terrorize the whole Lebanon since then

Wake up!

The only way is to leverage on the people rage at the shia arrogance, starting with a selective preemptive strike uniquely on the khomeinists

A selective strike that will spare the rest of Lebanon showing that Israel has no beef with the people and that nasrallah is vulnerable and that the "resistance" is only an excuse to take over the country

10. TRUE
Israel can indeed tackle threats by non-military means, but tacking threats by military means is so much more fun .
11. Treat enemies mean and keep 'em keen
12. agree #9, Eiland seems stuck in his illusions re. Lebanon
Rafi ,   US   (11.06.19)
No matter how bad things get domestically in Lebanon, no matter how many protests occur... overwhelming firepower in Leb remains with Shia Hezbollah.

THAT is the enduring reality that all neighbors Lebanon need to deal with. And Hezbollah is NOT relinquishing that power anytime soon, no matter who gets paid.

The ONLY nearby power that could possibly crush Hezbollah's grip is Israel.... but it would require a price Israel's unwilling to pay.... certainly not on behalf of Lebanese citizenry hostages.

So here we sit... but meanwhile Eiland certainly doesn't have any useful solutions (for example, good luck with the proposal that Saudis use their $ leverage to pay Christian & Sunni demonstrators to confront & ultimately be slaughtered by Hezbollah...)

13. NEITHER Begin nor Sharon to reach Beyrouth.Stop "dreaming" !
14. LEB and ISRA Both politically ruined by religious fanatics!!
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