The Gaza show must go on and on and on
Merav Betito
Published: 04.11.19, 18:59
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1. war is terrible, this is worse
Michael Kolker ,   dc   (11.05.19)
No other nation would tolerate having missiles fired into its territory by the thousands. Why are Jews expected to put up with things no other people would tolerate? It can only be because the world thinks Jewish life is cheap, not worth protecting, or that they deserve to have these missiles and unending acts of terrorism directed at them. If Israel responds the world will immediately accuse Israel of inflicting "collective punishment" on the poor oppressed Palestinians. Let them. When I hear these same peace loving pundits declare that every missile fired into Israel is "collective punishment" of Jews for simply being alive, maybe I will take them seriously.

2. What do we see?
Gerald Itzkowitz ,   Netanya israel   (11.05.19)

First the military response, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promotes as "powerful, as you can all see." We see a very very weak response with minimal casualties on the enemy. It's really amazing how few casualties the terrorists in Gaza have. Perhaps Bibi should publish a new UN book on effective warfare.

3. I wish they were regarded as "second class". In reality they
are apparently disposable, insignificant and totally worthless.
They vote 'Bibi" anyhow....go figure.
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