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FBI says Colorado man arrested in plot to bomb synagogue
Associated Press
Published: 04.11.19, 22:37
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1. Slowly but surely, the trickle of antisemitism& general rot,
that has taken over in big chunks of American political/social fabric (Democrats, in case you're in doubt) is spelling the beginning of end of The American Empire.
It always happens the same way: first you attack "your" Jews, then the national Lupus eats away the body itself....
runs like a Swiss watch and they NEVER learn.
Sadly, american jews thought that it could never happen to them .
It appears that mentally , Mr Hozer has all the furniture ,but it's in the wrong rooms !
4. Another elitist Leftie anti-Semite, I don't think so
mckey ,   jerusalem   (11.05.19)
5. Maybe in prison he can learn about the REAL Jesus/Yeshua...
Rivkah   (11.05.19)
who was JEWISH and had a JEWISH mother!
6. More no evidence public theatre performed by actors and ...
NYC   (11.05.19)
staged by the govt/media propaganda complex.
7. Most American Jews oblivious to backlash of Trump hate
US-JewsAntagonizing ,   Jerusalem   (11.09.19)
The almost deranged hate of the 62 million adult American Citizens
who voted for President Trump The greatest supporter israel ever had confused and maddens tens of millions of Americans who formerly supported Israel and were not anti Semitic especially when the foremost leaders of the impeachment process are American Jewish politicians Jewish Americans have lost much of the post Holocaust good will not to mention extremist left wing anti Israel American Jews
Including many Reform and Conservative Religious leaders ..all this bodes extremely ill for the future of the increasingly shrinking American Jewish Community
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