Education Ministry removes LGBTQ content from website
Adir Yanko
Published: 06.11.19, 18:49
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1. Vast majority of Israelis accept LGBT, that's a given, with
the proof of Tel Aviv being a favorite destination of "Queers" from all over the world.
On the other hand : stop twisting the arm of the Followers of Imaginary Friend to accept your norms!
It'll never happen, nor should it be expected to.
Unless we want to prohibit Judaism altogether; that's also an option, I guess.
2. Gays: You're a distinct minority. Get over yourselves.
Truth ,   Be It   (11.07.19)
and STFU!

A very welcome development and if you think this is "oppression," try moving next door to Jordan and see how that works out for all y'all. Lol.

Gays. Omg, stop already. You're welcome to be yourself, just stop with the agitation, screaming and B.S. SO SICK OF IT!!!!!!!!
3. Not much praise.....
Eliyahu the tolerant   (11.09.19)
''Despite receiving much praise.....''

....but much, much more cursings.

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