Israel frees two Jordanians held since August
Daniel Salami
Published: 06.11.19, 13:05
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1. so the way 2 get a prisoner released is 2 recall ambassador!
yep that's all it took the Jordanians sent the Israeli ambassador back to Jerusalem and they recalled their ambassador from Tel Aviv...and booyaka within 48 hours the two Jordanian nationals were freed! Brilliant!

Now why didn't Netanyahu come up with the same tactic to get the Israeli druggie imprisoned in Russia back home?
2. The administrative detention
without due process, with secret evidence, is problematic. I am glad this issue is resolved, now.
3. White face of Arab woman
PermReader   (11.06.19)
White woman - brown man - from Minoan Crete , Egyptian pics to contemporary feminism. In miserable attempts to improve Nature today and now, ancient+ today`s leftists paint the grass and snow in blue and black,haha.
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