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Israel aiding Syria's Kurds, advocating for them with U.S.
Published: 06.11.19, 22:21
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1. This has been known for years
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.07.19)
2. I hope this true. The Kurds are heroes
3. G-d bless Israel! while Trump welcomes butcher Erdogan to WH
Rafi ,   US   (11.07.19)
4. US policy is not the servant of Kurdish & Israeli agenda
Cameron   (11.07.19)
Let that cold fact guide your thoughts in considering ME players & regional positioning.
5. "The Hill Report" this morning said the Syrian oil revenues
Rivkah   (11.09.19)
are going to the Kurdish fighters.
6. Bring the Kurds to Israel
Avi ,   NYC   (11.10.19)
Israel is to blame for inciting and using the low IQ Kurds. As their judgement day is near it is time we declare them honorary Jew, remnants of the 10 tribes or any other nonsense title of our imagination and bring att two million Syrian Kurds to Israel.
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