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Jordanian official: Economy buckling under burden of Syrian refugees
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Published: 07.11.19, 13:20
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1. Arabs in Mandate Palestine prefered calling themselves
"Southern Syrians" rather than "palestinians", which until they decided to embrace the name in the 60's, they found insulting. Maybe together with the influx of refugees from Syria, the "Southern Syrians" or "palestinians" or whatever they enjoy calling themselves living in Jordan/palestine, can finally wrest their country away from the phony Hashemite bedouin king.
2. above
moishe   (11.08.19)
a simple ME solution to problem. stop killing each other and destroying property. fight for honest government. it is a Moslem ME problem that requires a local solution. don't blame Israel. blame yourselves.
3. Not to worry as long as they keep hating Jews all is ok
Al   (11.09.19)
4. israel should have renegotiated leases on lands it farmed
morton   (11.10.19)
bibi is so gunshy-it never occurred to him to demand renegotiated leaes to tsofar and naharyim. he buckles under pressure and concedes tme and again.

his wilfe would be a tougher pm than this weakling. If I see it, then hamas and hezbollah see it. gantz doesn't offer much more if his gaza performance is any indicator.

lets have new elections without the 2 of them.
5. More Begging
Jake ,   Dallas   (11.13.19)
From the entirely fake country of Jordan
Tell the half English king to open up his European bank account records and we will see how poor he is.
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