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'Tel Aviv to flood in next 10 years due to rapid climate change'
Attila Somfalvi and Alexandra Lukash
Published: 07.11.19, 11:53
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1. Fake news
Joseph ,   usa   (11.07.19)
This article is full of lies and hostes hysteria. The main 2 culprits emitting green house gases and ocean plastic pollution are China and India. Those 2 countries alone produce more green housegases and pollution than the Americas and Europe together.
Another leftist conspiracy to pressure USA into adopting democratic socialism (aka communism) and bankrupt the world in general.
2. The idiots take us for fools, or is it the other way around?
3. 5 meters of beach lost every ten years?
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.07.19)
What a pull-it-out-of-your-butt piece of 'data.' If that were the case, Dizengoff off would already be beachfront property.

Cities in Israel already flood with simple rainstorms. Global warming? No. Bad engineering of the sewer system.

I wonder if the writer was trying to stir up the real estate market? Get out now! Sell at any price! (And my friends will be more than happy to take it off your hands...)

Israel has the ability to strengthen and build up its shoreline. If it wanted to, it could move a billion tons of dirt and sand from the Negev and enlarge its coastline and create new islands like so many Arab nations have done.

I wonder who told YNet to run this story? Al Gore??
4. Money
Spylee ,   Herzliya   (11.07.19)
So why would the banks give home loans out to Tel Avivians to buy apartments if it will be flooded?
5. GENESIS 9:15
' And there will not be another flood to destroy all flesh ."
Israel faces many challenges in the future and many potential threats ,the iranian nuclear threat and the constant threat of terror, heaven forbid .These are REAL issues ,not the " Climate Change " scam or lie. In other words, israelis have real things to worry about ,not fairy tales about climate and the Big Bad Wolf.
7. Climate science worshippers are like a medieval church
Jake   (11.07.19)
Crazed apocalyptics warning of "imminent dangers" if we don't obey the experts who know why the rain is or isnt falling.
8. Liars, all "climatescientists" predictions have been false
More chance of a mini ice age coming up based on the solar momentum.
Any opposing scientific evidence is brushed under the rug. These people are traitors to humanity.

Another group of left wing fascists using their elitism to make 1,000,000,000s
And force their green ideology on society.when no-one will support it through democratic means.

China and India are the problem.
USA under trump heavily reduced eemissions
Paris accord is a lie, doesn't help anything ,another tool to destroy Western industry.

9. Heating costs rise people die, all because of climate lies..
10. Complete and utter hysteria manufactured
Naor ,   Haifa   (11.07.19)
By SJWs and leftist media.The far east and India,China are the worst when it comes to pollution.Instead of focusing on these countries and initiating solid programs within the international bodies,the UN and such,and pressuring China to work on this problem(good luck with that) why not blame the USA.
It is not Americas problem to finance the rest of the world.
11. Russian scientists think the earthchanges will be inFeb.2021
Rivkah   (11.09.19)
The plates of the earth will shift and earthquakes abound and tsunamis and volcanic eruptions as Nibiru/Orchus/Planet X passes by the earth. This happens every 3600 years according to Prof. Immanuel Velikovsky in his book "Worlds In Collision." Edgar Cayce's Earth Changes predictions confirmed that but he thought it would happen before 2000, so haShem has delayed it, mercifully. The map of the world will greatly change. There is a US Navy map of the USA after the earth changes online (Facebook, etc.). Rabbi Yeshua Immanuel Shlomo said Jerusalem would become a seaport city when He returns. The valleys of Jerusalem are about 260 feet above current sea levels. So the oceans will likely rise 250 feet.
12. Only the useful Idiots in the West are falling for this BS!
13. Lies-sea is rising the same for hundredthousand years!
Moishe   (11.13.19)
The experts told-Europe will have no snow anymore,the Northpole will be ice free etc.
Next time journalists better take a look in their archives.

14. Most big media, governments and NGOs spread these lies
The elite are traitors to humanity and the time will come for their judgement.
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