Opinion  Ariela Ringel Hoffman
Hurry up Liberman, it's time
Ariela Ringel Hoffman
Published: 09.11.19, 22:36
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1. The cynic in me says it's all a show. There's no urgent
crisis, people have always been treated in corridors, military always threatens with Armageddon before budgets are passed, politicians are always trying to outsmart each other (and to hell with the "country").
So why is it, that despite my shared view on religion and its proper place in society, do I begin to despise Liberman more and more?
2. The right side is DISMANTLE the messianicfanatic BLOC ASAP !
3. Why won’t Likud ?
Jake ,   Dallas   (11.10.19)
Form a national unity government with Blue and White and no other parties and end all of this nonsense?
4. Got it in a nutshell
pgr   (11.10.19)
Lieberman, the bully bouncer from Moldova thought he's play silly buggers by playing one party against the other in the hope that he'd then step in as the alternative leadership nominee if all the talks failed.

All he's done is to finally prove that the only political - and moral - stand he has, is his own fat ego. Unfortunately, the hapless Israeli voters did what they always do when they spot someone - anyone - who flexes a bit of muscle, hailing them as the next messiah they so desperately seek. So they gave a man who may well have fallen out of the game in the last election double the mandates he deserved. Now he's chanting eeny meeny miney moe and will happily drop all his former demands and simply opt for whatever gives him a good seat on the gravy train.

The bottom line, however remains that Netanyahu has failed - twice - to secure enough backing to form a government. His days as a magician are all too clearly over, but his mind, clouded by his fear of heading for prison, is clinging to the power he in reality no longer has. His leaving would see other Likud leaders emerge who would settle the business and come to the party to form a national unity government.

Sadly, there is nobody who can teach an old dog new tricks, but the loser is those of us enveloped by threats from all directions, by collapsing services, growing debt and a shaky economy. New blood is needed, fast.
5. Lieberman could have teamed IP with Gantz.Better Arab
Naor ,   Haifa   (11.10.19)
Parties then blackmailed and pulled over the coals by the religious whenever they want something.Lieberman needs to make up his mind and quickly.
Another term of Bibi and his carry-on Its a joke.Most of us did not vote to be screwed by the religious.And since Bibi is doing nothing about Gaza etc what's the thought that Gantz would be worse?
6. Is Ariela Ringel Hoffman really that simple-minded?
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana   (11.10.19)
Or a more cunning Likud troll propagandizing against Liberman?

Because any idiot can see that it is Netanyahu and his Right Wing Bloc that gridlocks Israel with an “if I can’t lead no one will” belligerence.

Israeli voters preferred B-W over Likud. Netanyahu perverts the results of the last election.
7. Lieberman is a kingmaker only in his own mind
C   (11.10.19)
8. Lieberman choosing a side won't solve anything...
Shachar ,   Eilat   (11.10.19)
Bibi choosing Israel over his own personal legal problems would solve everything.....
9. Why Bibi doesn't get out of the and let a coalition be made?
Avi L.   (11.10.19)
The question should rather be why Bibi doesn't get the heck out of the way and let a coalition be made?

Why Bibi keeps putting himself in front of the needs of the Citizens if not for narrow opportunism, same attitude that brought the Country to this point?

Bibi and his retinue of sycophantic laqueys drained the social budget to pay bakshis to a motley group of minority parties to uphold his's rule

Same with security, where out of limited political calculations he let hamas fester and reach tens of thousands rockets and missiles, where every operation taught Hamas how to evolve militarily

Bibi is the only thing that stay between another election and a government

Bibi is no good for the Jews

Let him go
10. You may disagree with them but men who devoted their lives..
Jake ,   Dallas   (11.13.19)
To the defense of the State of Israel are hardly “nobodies”.
Gantz and Ashkenazi and Ya’alon are highly accomplished men. Calling them “nobodies” is absurd.
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