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As bigotry stirs globally, Bosnian Jews, Muslims recall lesson in tolerance
Published: 08.11.19, 19:08
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1. The only future for us Jews is Israel..
Al   (11.08.19)
The diaspora continues to be a wasteland.

Life for jews outside of Israel is temporary at best deadly at worst.
2. "remember the 1819 rescue" - I recall much more recent ...
leo ,   usa   (11.08.19)
... events of completely different nature. How about Haj Amin al-Husseini and his Nazi troopers.
3. Another fake story!
Dr. Jack ,   vancouver   (11.09.19)
I don't understand how the story "forgot" to mention WW2, when the Bosnian Muslims, the "Bushniaks", formed two entire SS divisions, to kill the Jews, amongst other 'enemies' of the Reich!!

Do we have to feel good about these people??

I don't think so!!
4. Beautiful story.
Thanks for sharing !
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