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French President Macron: NATO is 'brain dead'
Published: 07.11.19, 21:39
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1. Shows you how brilliant tactician Trump is! Bravo Donald!!!!
2. Mais Mr Macron
Boaz   (11.08.19)
Why would you expect American soldiers to come to your defense? You have millions of arabs you can use to defend la Republique.
3. I think Macron and France in
Naor ,   Haifa   (11.08.19)
Particular need to look back in French history and realise which countries liberated their butts during WW1 and WW2.They are not and never have been a strong ally but always sat on the fence or threw the towel in when the going gets bad.
This is exactly what Trump talked about.Why spend millions of american money on countries who are unwilling to spend on their own protection and yet complain about the one country protecting their sorry butts.
4. Thanks to Donald
Avi L.   (11.08.19)
5. The slow & steady dissolution of NATO
Cameron   (11.08.19)
Europeans & Turks steadily proving themselves to be truly unwilling and unreliable members of the strategic alliance.

Increasingly hard for the US to justify it's enormous yearly financial and military commitment to this ever more shaky & doubtful arrangement.
6. North-Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (11.10.19)
NATO already should have been ended, together with the Warshaw Pact and COMECON, at the same time, in 1991/1992. That was a big concession of Gorbatshow. But instead the US did nothing and went on with NATO. Although Russia is/can be also agressive and not a perfect country either, I can understand why that country feels threatened by NATO, to a certain level. NATO also is agressive by expending eastwards and trying to surround Russia and the US did not stop humiliating Russia unneeded after the Cold War was ended and the ex-Soviet-Union collapsed in 1991..Also I want my own country to leave the EU, NATO and UN.I often wrote about that in "",about how and why. Those bodies must be democratised/democratic at last and the big member-countries must not playing the boss,with their privileged positions, since 1945, over the small(er) member-countries in a disgusting, dictatorial way. Otherwise they do not have a reason to exist anymore and only form another threat to humankind, together with the criminal "islam" ideology..
7. France as arbiter of all things erudite...
Macron...STFU dude! ,   Not France   (11.11.19)

France is the biggest has-been country since England. Macron, STFU, dude. Your county is a terrorist-ridden sh1t hole! Get over yourself!
8. France excels as terrorist magnet.
222 ,   333   (11.13.19)
May the magnetism continue!
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