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Jewish communities seek funding for defense in wake of anti-semitic attacks
Itamar Eichner
Published: 09.11.19, 18:24
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1. Airlift all of them to Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (11.09.19)
Clueless, Bertram the wimp and Zalman are not included.

Rafik the Arab is not included either but the idiot is not Jewish and doesn't qualify anyway.

2. A better idea...
Manic Drummer ,   Haifa   (11.09.19)
All Diaspora Jews come to Israel. Why stick around in countries that hate us when we can all be in the only country we ever had, the only one that ever mattered?
3. " seek funding "
Don't look at me ....
4. Well, they have
Zoe   (11.09.19)
a country - Israel - so why don't they just come and live here. Of course, life is not as easy and beautiful as in Europe, America, Canada and Australia ....Dears, you cannot have the cake and eat it. Just choose!!!
5. protection of jews
LARRY LISS   (11.09.19)
that is why rabbi MEIR KAHANE formed the JDL in nyc 1960 s in the end jews have always been soft targets he had the nuts to train jews in self defence and fight back post guards with basball bats his son shited the concept up by becoming a criminal and blowing up US federal buildings when he went to Israel you called him a radical he was a partisan while living in jew hating parts of brooklyn .he had the sprite of never again as the israeli SABRA
6. Jews can not pay goys to defend them...
DSM ,   US   (11.10.19)
it never works in the long run. Jews must decide their members can learn to use handguns, rifles or shotgun to defend their Temples. But first they must stop being so anti gun for everyone else.
7. Just disarm the citizenry. That way everyone will be safe.
TRUTH ,   IS HERE   (11.10.19)
And AOC is smart.

Hillary is not a criminal.

Liberal Democrats want to help us.

Oslo was to bring us peace,

Greta Thunberg is a scientist,

Jeremy Corbyn will root out antisemitism in the Labor Party...

And, if you are Jewish and still voting for Leftist parties and causes,

You have a brain.

8. Liberal also Jew haters no wonder their cities r dangerous
9. These celebrated attacks have zero basis in fact.
NYC   (11.11.19)
10. Isn't anyone angry that we are paying for this?!
expatokie ,   mazkeret batya   (11.13.19)
When we can barely survive financially here, our tax money goes abroad! How crazy is that? Instead of paying for a fancy hazan for the high holidays, they should spend the money on security. Most of the Jews in the diaspora can cover the costs of their own community and elsewhere in the world. Why should we have to foot the bill?
11. take the money and leave the souls......
moshe ,   ny   (11.17.19)
why not? ask misrad hapanim why they turn away elder ashkenasi jews

form USA lacking a fortune???? Doctors and Nurses from other countries??

No law of return for poor diasporah fodder for anti semites. Thanks Israel.
12. The Jews in a galut..have a choice either leave or stay..
Al   (11.18.19)
The Jews in israel have a choice either leave or stay.

No one owes anyone anything.

Wherever you are you have to fend for yourself.

If you want to move to Israel, that's great, otherwise have a nice day.
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