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Tarantino and Israeli wife rent luxury home in Tel Aviv
Published: 11.11.19, 17:45
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1. Only MORONS don't love a love story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (11.11.19)
I guess I'm just a ROMANTIC at heart...oh well !!!!!!!!
2. Previous article has this area as one big sinkhole.
NYC   (11.11.19)
3. On the one hand, Tarantino's just another Hollywood idiot.
Stop It Bill! ,   Says Monica   (11.11.19)
...but on the other, even Hollywood idiots can advocate for Israel.

Jewish women: Do your future kids a favor and don't marry out. just makes their lives more complicated. But hey, $$$ talks.
4. Mazel tov and boy is your wife gorgeous!
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.11.19)
5. Impressive monthly rent. Wasn't it cheaper buying something
befitting (but not ostensibly) stinking rich?
6. Ho hum
Johnny G   (11.12.19)
Who cares?
7. Inglourious Basterds, not Inglorious Basterds!
Ahab ,   Dallas   (11.12.19)
His next movie should be about ruined Palestinian villages that your beloved Tel Aviv was built on.
8. What an ugly husband and wife!!!
Boaz ,   Ashkelon   (11.13.19)
9. 1st her father's daughter then her husband's wife...
All she's done is be born to a famous father and then marry a famous husband.
But hey! she's happy so that's something.
10. so many salty no lifers in the comments here
robin ,   tlv   (12.05.19)
a man who made so many great films, got married and expecting his first born child soon after 57 years, and all you can seed is hate? you are all pathetic trolls whom are miserable in their own little useless bubbles, trust me, both of them couldn't give a rat's ass about either one of you
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