IDF kills Islamic Jihad leader in Gaza; rockets fired at central Israel
Ynet, Agencies
Published: 12.11.19, 11:08
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1. YAKUB- Bennet take over AFTER 11am.It was on Bibi's watch
Alan ,   SA   (11.12.19)
2. Israelis out of their cars and taking cover from rocket
Rich ,   Toronto   (11.12.19)
attacks. Great country! And Zionist elites want Jews to live in that violent situation? The people of Israel deserve better. This was clearly a political stunt by Netanyahu to win votes in the next election. Who would vote for man who puts his own people in constant danger?
3. Well done Israel!
Monica was Better ,   Than a Good Humidor   (11.12.19)
4. We need to destroy their rocket launchers, supplies and
barbara ,   Haifa   (11.12.19)
weapons warehouse. Stop thinking about collateral damage - They (Hamas,
etc) couldn't care less how many Jews (or any other) are killed with their
rockets - so take the following into account:

"You get what you give."
"Do unto others as they do unto you."
The harder they fall .
6. B.S. move done by increasingly B.S. PM. There's nothing of
substance behind this media stunt.
Had Netanyahu been serious, he'd done it much sooner and done it properly : all the way!
Nobody's buying this crap!
On top of it, a work-day lost....(for now)
7. Seems like Israel could have prepared for rocket launches...
David ,   Hartford USA   (11.12.19)
Israel knows that as soon as the targeted termination occurs, Hamas will respond with rockets. If Israel had a few Reapers in the air, they would have seen the activity and could have wiped out the rocket launch squads as well.

Just saying.
8. Mowing the grass.Israel taking pain for long term quiet.
Sam ,   Montreal   (11.12.19)
Israel was missing the leader to initiate action. Bennett looks to be the person.
9. Outrageous closing of businesses
pgr   (11.12.19)
The closing of Dizengoff's shopping center, banks and other government offices was an outrageous decision. Not in a long history of similar situations, especially the month long bombardment several years ago, was there a decision to close businesses, not least those with protective rooms.

This is unnecessary capitulation to terror, something this country has always proudly refused to do. It must not start now.

It's understandable that the poor southern residents, with seconds to get to shelter, may be subjected to such safety precautions but this is a new phenomenon that needs to be discouraged.

It also adds to the bitterness of those in the south when their plight is ignored and the moment two rockets head for big smoke, it's all hands on deck to protect the big cities, leaving the Gaza envelope residents to live with the brunt.

Also outrageous would be the ridiculous number of homes without adequate sheltersj all over the country. The old bomb shelters were built for air raids which gave more warning time. They no longer serve purpose against rockets capable of reaching the cities within minutes.

The timing of this hasn't gone unnoticed either. There's always an undefined "discovered plot" whenever Netanyahu needs to boost his ratings. Sooner or later hes going to cry wolf one time too many. He's not getting it that his struggle to form a government is about the gradual loss in confidence that Israelis are feeling in someone who's simply been around for loo long.
10. what are you waiting for
iraj   (11.12.19)
aside from the use of airplanes, fire land based rockets into gaza. unless gazans feel what israelis feel, there will be no chance of any agreement

the most moral army is causing israelis to lose heart and to feel under seige like under the nazis.

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