IDF chief: Ready for Gaza escalation after Jihad commander hit, will resume targeted killings if need be
Published: 12.11.19, 12:58
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1. Don't expect anything different from our leadership. It does
not change its spots.
Some periodical "booms' for show and the opera continues...
2. Whether you believe it was Bibi or
Naor ,   Haifa   (11.12.19)
The Muppet Bennet its time that Gaza sees that action will be taken.
Any attempt by Gaza to escalate the situation must be dealt with with strong force.Any direct hit on cities or citizens must be answered with determination.
Maybe just maybe the population of Gaza will realise that their future depends of getting rid of these parasites in control.
3. Gaza offals parade knowing IDF won't strike them while Israe
ab   (11.12.19)
-lis run for cover under indiscriminate shelling from Gaza.
4. "If need be"?! If not now when millions of Israelis are hunk
ab   (11.12.19)
-erring down so when?!!!!!
Stop being PC,EU will always be against you, think about Israelis instead!!!!!!!!
5. FB Jack Levi: Seriously, things will be just fine if
Gantz appoints Ahmed Tibi as Defence Minister.
6. "Israel does not want an escalation of violence"
C   (11.12.19)
this is israel's motto.

israel will continue to promulgate this motto until the jihadists will
slaughter huge numbers of israeli civilians.

targeted assassination must continue indefinitely. there is no other choice.
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