Islamic Jihad in Gaza: Backed by Iran, challenge to Hamas
Associated Press
Published: 12.11.19, 23:16
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1. This would be funny if it weren't so sad
DSM ,   USA   (11.13.19)
"How far will the group really go ?" What a stupid question. The group will go as far as it takes to defeat Israel and kill all the Jews. If you belonged to such a group wouldn't you do that if Israel did nothing of great import to stop you. Israel's current responses are nothing more than tit for tat responses and in such a war of attrition Israel can not win. Israel does not have the land, manpower nor treasury to win such a battle. But that doesn't matter because it's current leaders are cowards looking out for only their own power.
2. All the learned musings of incompetent analysts won't change
the fact, that Islam has firmly set its goal (destruction of the Western values) while the West is acting like an idiot, that cannot read or write...
So please: do continue to wonder what this or that Muslim thug will do next (or won't),
it sells "newspapers", but the people must wake up and chase the clueless "leaders" out of town and start acting according to the situation.
WW3 has been going on for too long without acknowledgment.
3. ever wonder why it is called Islamic jihad ?
jochair thijssen ,   kfar saba israel   (11.13.19)
every Jihad is Islamic so Islamic is redundant.only added to emphasize its viciousness, cause islam is bully, violence and murder.
4. Hamas will likely try to escalate tensions because she fears
Ben ,   NIGERIA   (11.13.19)
let's wait and see
5. timing?
BAB ,   Jerusalem   (11.13.19)
"Above every decision hovers a cloud of suspicion"?
I or even Stav Shaffir have all the information that led to the incident, but her statement is obviously true. If your in the middle of an election campaign that has lasted for a year already, every decision has ramifications with the population that will need to decide who to support. You can ask the same question regarding avoiding military conflict as much as initiating military conflcit. You can ask the same question regarding the 'decisions' of any politician during the election campaign: when and on what does s/he speak out and when is silence the most 'profitable' response. In cases like this, M.K. Shaffir is not contributing anything to the national discourse aside from contributing to is politization.
6. Mark Sherry was always a Hamas supporter
C   (11.13.19)
mark is a marxist supporter of islamists.
he is not interested in human rights or the welfare of the people of gaza.
he is anti-american and anti israel.
he is a propagandist, though not a very good one.
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