Opinion  Alex Fishman
Killing Islamic Jihad commander was a calculated risk
Alex Fishman
Published: 15.11.19, 18:34
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ABD RAHMAAN ,   AL AQSA   (11.15.19)
2. The real answer has always been victory!
Chaim ,   Israel   (11.15.19)
The seeds of ALL the terror, rockets and wars Israel suffers from Gaza were sewn the day we insanely fled Gaza and destroyed our beautiful thriving Jewish communities there. There are no quick easy answers. The the real answer has always been victory! Israel needs to reverse all our mad concessions and retreats, achieve victory and retake our lands forever.
3. The question is how were Hamas,ij allowed to grow originally
4. Israel political echelon created this situation
Avi L.   (11.15.19)
Israel political echelon, Bibi, created this situation

It is long overdue he cleans his own mess
5. Why this remorse?Israel did the right and proper action slay
Alan ,   SA   (11.16.19)
ing the monster.......PIJ now knows they are in the firing line. Dont worry about the disruption..If this would have been done earlier,maybe such disruption could have been avoided.
6. What choice is there?
moshe shen ,   Tivon   (11.16.19)
Israel gets intel from many sources. It takes a professional expert to interpret conflicting info that amateur "observers", foreign and Israeli, get wrong or don't understand !
In the pressure of an UNguided rocket attack on Israel , the experts have NO choice and must decide and expert guesses can be wrong !

What choice is there ?
7. ONE lousy Arab thug eliminated by the "mighty" IDF and look
how extatic our bumbling politicians & army are!
Words fail me to describe my dismay at the utter disregard for human life (ISRAELI) our government displays (for years and years now).
It's sickening to witness the utmost care they've taken in order to "minimize" damage to the Gaza-murderers and believe me: 80% of Gazans ARE murderers, either actively or passively.
playing so dangerous games of war berween IDF and Isiamic Jiah of Gaza may draw all the region in a disastrous BIG WAR if RAMDONESS" MAKES A BIG TRICK" TO BOTH PARTS CHI LO SA ?
9. GREAT HIT - but the details are best left unspoken
Rafi ,   US   (11.16.19)
10. Not murder
Carl ,   T   (11.17.19)
Not murder but the elimination of a terrorist. It was a purely political action of bureaucrats sharing power. The liquidation of terrorist leaders is possible only after the removal of their lieutenant Bibibon from power
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