Gaza death toll reaches 22 in IDF strikes; rockets keep falling in southern Israel
Published: 13.11.19, 14:00
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1. how much still alive here
zaza ,   gaza   (11.13.19)
and waiting for god mercy
2. bennett already making a difference
geroge   (11.13.19)
bennett, far more capable than bibi in security, is digging in deep and hitting harder than bibi or gantz ever did for a short skirmish. bennett will go as far as he can pushing bibi aside if necessary. bibi can take the credit -fine.

as in protective edge, bennett far outshone bibi gantz and big talker do nothing yaalon as shapira noted.

israeal should go to election no 3 with bennett taking over from bibi. gantz is no use, zero to israel in security as he is passive and does not initiate. do you see this you israeli shmucks???!!.

your security depends on bennett, not on scared bibi or passive gantz and yaalon.
3. bibi should shut up with his bs commentary-let actions speak
hy   (11.13.19)
bibi is best to simplty shut up and let bennett handle things which he will. he is far better than him and gantz put together.

lei berman can boast all he wants that bibi prevented a solution to the gaza problem. however, yvet is also a blowhard. he had his chance at defense. what was he- a scared bloody mouse afraid to demand action. he was bibi number 2 in action-not a whole lot was done.

having said all of this, gantz in protective edge was pathetic in his conduct of the war. do you remember. he was half asleep. israel is about to be taken in by 'the general' as they were with barak, a noted commando but a lousy national leader with huge aversion to large land battles.

bennett does not fear big wars. bibi is petrified. gantz has no stomach for war, seems disinterested.

israel shoujld go to new elections as bibi will be indicted before they take place. then likud with new leadership will have a better job. if bennett does a good job in defense, then israelis will turn to him along with barkat and saar.
4. Fake attacks upon yourself justify killing your enemies.
NYC   (11.13.19)
In the end Israel will lose its will because it is a society that "eats" its young. Have you ever seen a generation more unhappy and stressed than the current Israeli.
5. 250 rockets hit Israel and....
DSM ,   USA   (11.14.19)
Israel doesn't go into Gaza and take it back. Israel has become a country that doesn't really care about it's citizens. Iran see this and prepares for the big strike. And when it comes Bibi will give them another warning or Gantz will hide in the closet.
6. Israel kills its enemies because they are enemies
jake ,   Dallas   (11.13.19)
You don't have to "justify" killing those who want to kill you.
And Israel is a country with the highest birthrate in the Western world. And it is high among all segments of the population. That is the ultimate vote in happiness. Europe is already dead
7. 22???
C   (11.14.19)
the gazans should be happy, more than happy, that the jewish state of
israel is their adversary. were it russia or iran, there would be many more
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