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Israeli study shows cure to breast cancer without chemo
Inbar Tvizer
Published: 14.12.19, 10:04
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1. haters without sorrow
zvvika   (12.14.19)
what do all the antismites think about that
2. Known the cure for a long time.....
Eliyahu   (12.14.19) healthy, don't smoke, no steroids including estrogen to prevent pregnancy. Almost all breast cancer would be eradicated.
3. Breast cancer cure.
James ,   London   (12.14.19)
There already is a cure. Stop eating meat and dairy and eat a plant based diet and you will not get breast cancer. Wake up!
4. Spray the breasts daily with an iodine and colloidal silver
Rivkah   (12.14.19)
spray since iodine is anti-cancer and helps prevent cancer. Also take 2 PectaClear capsules daily with is from the whites of lemon rinds which pulls toxins, toxic heavy metals and radiation out of the body without pulling out the good minerals. Nickel is a toxic heavy metal that is a factor in most breast cancer cases.
5. CO2 Laser Surgery Removes Breast Tumors
Rich ,   Toronto   (12.15.19)
without pain in a few hours time. Many lives are being saved with this technology in the US, and I‘m shocked that this is not in use in Israel.
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